Saturday, March 24, 2012

Zahraa turns 4

Last february zahraa turns 4!!!!! time flies, huh? She seems a happy active and clever liltle toddler. Ohhhh how i miss the old times, but at the same time, i am also enjoying she's being 4. She is absolutely a wonderful lil daughter, she is a gift from Allah....with her, i'd say it had washed away my sorrow.

Well, she was 4 last february, and we did have some small celebration to suprise her. She never really had a birthday, and the only birthday party she attended was her cousin's sarahs' birthday. She had never been in the middle of attention being a birthday girl.

So last february we suprised her. Gathering close family (we miss uncle deen and mak long's family by the way) prepared some lunch and a cake.

The fact that we suprised her, suprised me instead!! She was soooo suprise, so blewn away, so happy, all glits on her rounded lil face!! She was happy!!! And at that part she says, thank you everyone!-threw me out of the world!!! And her face when she saw her rainbow cake! Oh she was sooo suprise and happy.

It was such a blessing. I am so grateful we have Zahraa. Of course the birthday suprise was my present to her, but in our hearts...we'll try all our best, to give her the best that we could afford to.

Friday, March 9, 2012


The last time i stopped blogging was after nasuha got admitted. And now i am writing once again after she was discharged from admission fir the second time.

U got it right. 2 times in 3months. My poor baby..

No one wants their babies to be sick rite? We dont even welcome a scratch. But kids do got sick. So does nasuha. Nasuha seems to have been weak in fighting over any infections. Therefore, when more time is taken to improve germs or virus or bacteria got her first. Be it in her blood,genes, our environment, food or what so ever we are taking it positively

Every occurence was God given. I believe there is goodness plan ahead by Him.

It was also has been an experience for me, and a test too i believe.

We are doing the best we can to care more for nasuha, and we also pray that she will grow up healthy. This is just a very light test, there could be worst, therefore i am grateful, alhamdulillah.


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Thursday, October 20, 2011

nasuha is one today!!!!!

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pimp the handbag

I have a new crossbody handbag. And its white!! I never had or rarely have white in my wardrobe so this time around i panicked!! Lols!! Thot the bag is too plain white

(surely its not plain, i know...over reacted)

(not realy fancy the gold chain tho) but the bag is so cute to carry and comfy too. Just the right size i want with the price i can afford-let say for the moment. Hahahahah ( i promise will do some saving to get what i want)

So here is: i want to decorate the bag. As shaferlicious said; as in renovation, lols

I was thinking scarf; but scarf maybe too big for it ... Unless a soft silky chiffon scarf ( oh please not gucci or lv scarf ok)

I wish i could find pretty handbag charm (thats too common)

I am targetting pearls!! I love pearls!! Or somekind of hangin embelishment or pendant!!

Pearl mcm ni cute kan?

Silky chiffon. So nice this salmin color. I likeeee

And this is so cool! Glass tile pendant???? How nice

Hmm we'll see what u can get. Hmm tetiba rasa nak pergi the curve fleamarket. Lols

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cake baking. Yes u heard it right

I never bake a cake. Since i got married. Well,baked 2-3 times je pun before married. I am not really a baking person.
But of course nak kena improve our own achievement, tambah skill dalam resume and make my family happy kan. Hahahah
So i bake a choc cake!!! No mixer no oven but taraaaa!! I made a cake. And i named it as 'lots o love'

The taste is not the best part of it. It was the look on zahraa's face when she sees a cake on our table.worth all the mess i did

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Zahraa and ramadhan

Zahraa adalah sgt cute in telekung. Geram. Macam nak makan dia.

She always wanna wear her telekung everytime we are about to start solat. But then kejap je, dah tercabut kemana

This time around she wanna wear it to surau. Hahahaha as i expected. Belum sampai kat lif dia dah bukak. Hahahahahaha

Now quite worrying. Zahraa semakin malas nak solat. And more playful during solat.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Fashion mission

Your closet is kinda full. But u have no idea what to wear to work tomorrow. Macam dah tak de baju je. Sounds familiar???
Guess this is a dilemma to many girls n ladies (that leads to more n more shopping)

So me and my best friends made ourself a mission which has become a motivation to dress up for the next day!! Note that we are all scattered around, huda is in gombak, nani in melawati, anim works in kl central and mye is in putrajaya and here i am far up north. And oh ian is in selayang.

How it works:
One of us chooses a theme, usually color. The others has got to find as such in their wardrobe. Camwhore in that suit and sent off our image thru whatsapp. Wallah!!!

This is so fun!!!! Gurls !! After raya sambung ok?!!! -anim, do go shopping. Pls stop buying brown n black. I am running out of black
Hmmm missing teal pics laaa

I am really loving what we did!!!

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Curry mee

I rarely made curry mee. Maybe sebab susah anak nak tumpang sekaki. But for sahur n for a change, made some

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

i am a happy 10 mo old

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

How i style up the snood shawl

I just introduced myself to the snood shawl. Its a shawl sewn at the end to make a one loop. (and yes it might look kinda like darth vader's hood). I've tried to wear them to work and i like it...esp the cotton snood.

This is cotton snood in mustard from de veil.

Here i'd like to share how i do it...this is one of the way i wear the snood.

First wear the neck covering inner. This is alexa inner from sugarscarf (very comfortable...i love it!!)

Then put on the snood. Adjust on your head and shoulder.

Then pull one side crossing over to the other shoulder.

I adjust the lenght that i want.

Then i put a pin on both shoulder.

Taraa and i'm done. This is cotton snood in dusty pink from de veil. U can find them in facebook.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Friends for ever

They were my roomates, my studiomates, my sisters, my friend for life. We have been together for 6 years, and still tll now,till today.

We are far from each other. I am here and the other are somewhere else in the city.

I thank the net,like seriously. And today, i thank whatsapp!! We are sticking like glue to each other! We talked to each other, nag,tell stories, and send off emosional vibes.

And today!! We even shop thru the phone!!!

I really hope the glue that bind us all wont wear off. Thru thick and thin they are the best people in my life. I love you


My foursquare is boring. I am at the same place every each other day

Shud be exploring more of the world???

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Breastfeeding power

A month ago, me and mamashmontel had a bad day in KLCC.. bad like-kena halau with mak guard-because we wanna pump in the surau. Funny rite?? It was zohor i think and the surau was quite empty. Its a working day.

Later we learnt that there were others with such experience in KLCC..been chased away due to breastfeeding. So news spread. With the power of the net i guess, i wonder how many thousands knew this in one nite (boo you KLCC)

Guess what! Women in malaysia, mothers to be specific are very powerful in malaysia!! They've organize a protest which convey a message that nursing in public is not wrong,that there are proper ways they can cover up and its the baby right to be fed there and then.

So today,many turn up for this -they called it flash mob - to nurse in public-all together at one time!! This is so cool rite!! Even those who has wean off were there to support!! I am so proud of these ladies!!

By the way..its worlds breastfeeding week. Happy breadtfeeding mothers!! You've done a great job who no one else could do for your special,both you and your baby. Husbands dearie...please support your wife to breastfeed your child ok

All pictures are credit to

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Gulai tempoyak

It is my favorite dish. My dad's best dish-he made superbbbb patin masak tempoyak (my dad was such a patin guy, even won GP joran by fishing the greatest patin)

But this is the first time i made this dish-which has become my husbands favorite too- as before this, there's no way i could find good patin here and i've got no tempoyak

Suddenly ada rezeki from kak aya who gave durians for us. So i made my own tempoyak,and find patin-ada la even i know its not the best. So here is how i made them

Bawang merah-about 5-6, jangan banyak sangat nanti berbuih
Bawang putih-3 ulas je
Kunyit hidup- serbuk pun boleh
Asam keping
Cili merah or cili padi
Tempoyak of course
Fish- u can use patin,baung or senangin
Daun kesum

Blend bawang merah, bawang putih and cili. Letak dalam periuk and pour water in. Put on stove and heat on. Letak serbuk kunyit sket for color. Kalau guna kunyit hidup blend sekali dengan cili tadi. Letak asam keping. Put in the fish. Adjust air ikut nak banyak mana kuah. Then put in tempoyak ikut citarasa. Kalau nak pekat put more tempoyak. Then put daun kesum in dir the aroma. Tu je. Senang kan?

Reminder. Asam keping tu depends on your tempoyak. Kalau tempoyak yg dah masak and masam,maybe tak perlu pun asam keping ni. Kalau tak, kena la bubuh for masamness.

This is the way my father taught me. There is no right n wrong i think,just the matter of taste and preferrence.

There you go!! Here is my pot of gulai tempoyak!!

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