Thursday, December 24, 2009

zahraa at the end of the year

End of the year wrap up.. well.. i wanted to do wrap up on myself.. but cant find time to do that..
errr. kinda so busy at this very end of the year...

So a wrap up for Zahraa.
Zahraa is now 22 months.. and will be 2 in 2 months, insyallah.. she now could :

1. Eat on her own, either with hands, spoon or fork
2. Manage to use straw, but still wants bottle for still
3. She recognize alphabets; only some like M, O, P, S, T, U, W, H, Z, B, G .. her favorite is always O and M.. shouted O and M when she sees then anywhere
4. She can count 1-10 , but only recognize 4 and 9
5. She recognize Alif only in the arabic alphabet.. but can follow from alif to ya - need more practice
6. Now loves to climb on chairs and table
7. Can float in water
8. Still need company to fall asleep
9. Can sleep at her own place - not yet room
10. Still wakes up in the mid on night
11. Starts humming songs
12. Knows the drill - Kalau tarik handbreak, dia akan cakap; sampai dah... kalau pakai kasut.. she'll go straight to the door, kalau bukak tv-she sill sit on the cushion.. bla bla bla
13. Says a few things correcty, but still cant manage to tell us what she wants
14. Love stacking things and could do that shape sorter thing without help
15. Always wanted to do things on her own
16. Loves the pool, love books, toys - not so much. Only toys that relate to animals could attract her more than 2 days. Stacks, and sorting out blocks are toys for her
17. Loves chicken and fish - sometimes too much
18. Still has constipation problem - on and off
19. Imitates whats on tv, imitates me, imitates Zahrein
20. Let me do her hair nowadays
21. Love bookstore
22. Getting heavier - cant really wear her nowadays
23. Shows affection - gives hugs and kisses generously
24. Chooses who to be close with- Chooses which stranger to talk to
25. Had bad teeth issue
26. Has tantrums when tired and hungry
27. Still refuse Dr Hasanah

What else .. tehre's so many things to describe her :P... heheh i wnt to remember this moment.. arghh!! she's growing too fast

Monday, December 21, 2009


wow.. No 1 Mummy has been so quiet lately.. hmm masalah dalaman??? erggh too many stuff at work at this moment.. I have to clear some before the holiday.. We're going back this Thursday, 24th.. so.. still then... its still a quiet room here

Monday, December 14, 2009


Snuggbaby is 1 year old!!! Congratulation to Liz a.k.a Babyripp, and to SNUGGBABY for the accomplishments.. they've made many pouches and hundreds of mei tais this year, not to mention clutches and hats.

I believe Snuggbaby has been one the Malaysian favorite babywearing online shop today - offering custom order carriers has been one of the reason of them being favorite. Personally, I love the Snuggbaby online shop because every single day, they try hard to make improvements on their products, introduce new things, and upgrade choices of fabric from time to time. Where else can we get that, at a reasonable price????

For those who just had a baby, and who wants to try babywearing, Snuggbaby is where you can look one to suit you. They even consider design for daddy too!!!!

I have wrote some review about them some time ago - well, as the anniversay of Snuggbaby is this month, why not i repeat it again - just to remind who they've been :D Wink!!!!


My review

1. Snugg MT is light weight - easy to carry it every where, as it is not heavily padded
2. The width of the straps are just nice, comfortable for my shoulder, and the padded are enough too
3. The straps are so soft, yet strong - easy to tie - keronyok pun tak pe, its not hurting
4. The body panel is a bit big, I mean too wide for Zahraa, maybe she is still small.. so- its difficult to make sure she is the centre of the body panel.. maybe it will fit when she gets older.. In the other hand, when Zahraa was set at the centre, the body panel really snug her in it.. so tak de ruang under our arm pit.. hmm how to explain this.. its like the body panel cover Zahraa in a whole - so comfy .... :D
5. The body panel if a bit too long for Zahraa, so I fold once, to make sure Zahraa can take her hands out - oh, she will get cranky if she was wrapped in it
6. XL straps are too long - yes it is possible to share mt if the straps are long.. but the longer it is, the harder it is to handle it.. nak ikat susah, as the tails are too long. So i've cut mine - just nice length so it is great now.
7. I love my reversible body panel.. can use any of it to suit with my clothes. However, on the second, having a plain body panel on one side is great too.. to wear with pattern clothes
8. Snugg mt does not make me fell 'wrapped' and too warm
9. The straps are not easily slipped

My suggestion

1. Maybe Snugg could make smaller mt for smaller babies
2. Maybe the strap end have different end pattern .. errr macam baby bjorn - waist strap yg ada triangle end, yg shoulder strap ada flat end - so easier to adjust and recognize those tails

My issues - help me get over this

1. Hmm if i'm out and about, and is tying the mt - is it normal those straps will 'sapu lantai'??
2. I always have to wear it by looking into the mirror. If i'm out and about.. how do i make sure Zahraa is at the centre?
3. Sometimes, to make sure the straps are under Zahraa arm pit, I sometimes wear it by putting the mt under Zahraa arm first, then throw her on my back (just like those wearing podaegi you tube videos) is it okay??? then tie the wiast straps later, and then again, adjust the shoulder strap
4. What do I do if Zahraa refuse to ride on the mt?

Pictures here and here

Friday, December 4, 2009

Zahraa and telekung

Most of the time that we perform solat, Zahraa will try to get in my telekung.. and pretend reciting something.. konon konon solat.. Or at some other times, I could hardly get my telekung because she took it.. and try to be underneath it.. or any big cloth, pretending wearing a telekung. Thats the point that makes me think, a lil telekung would be a best present for her..
Do you know that it is very difficult to find telekung for kids?? I know there are a lot in Jakarta, or Bandung.. but here in Malaysia... specifically Penang, nope. I found kids telekung in Pesta Pulau Pinang, but it cant fit Zahraa. Well... at last thanks to Alif Aisya for this cute one ::D. This one fits her at the moment (tho some sewing required) and I think it will last for some years. Alhamdulillah.
But... yesterday (the day after the photo was taken) she refuse to wear them.. huhu She just put them on her head.. :P. huhuh .. maybe she doesnt understand yet.. nevermind.. we'll wait till she's 2 yo. In the mean time.. we'll wear whenever she wants to.
Didik solat? Yup, I heard that somewhere. It is encouraged that we teach solat at early age, but what is most important is of course for them to understand, what is solat and why do we perform solat. Of course it would take time for kids to understand that, but why not we practice solat together while they take time to digest all that. But, let it be reminder for us all, that solat is not need to be the first thing we teach our kids; the most important for them to know at early age is, to know Allah, Rasul, zikir and know Islam as a way of life. Wallahualam. This would we a another entry to write about.. so, later then ok.. :D At this moment. enjoy Zahraa je dulu ok.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

out of my lungs

Remember how she loves upin and ipin.
now that she talks a lil.. she imitates as well.. and this video really gives us a laugh.. and good feeling all day long. So i wanna share this with you all


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

colour mode

After doing drawings I thought maybe its time for colouring.. I've seen Zahraa dia some colouring work at school... so I thought why not? In the other hand, she seems to passed -those eating stuffs- stage. And yes, she loves it.. but for now, when she sees all those colours she is more interested to play with those colour pencils instead of concentrating on colouring. maybe she'll get it soon.

At the beach

Zahrein wanted to take our picture at the beach.. but too bad we we there when the sun has already rises up.. its 10 am and its too hot already...

siakap 3 rasa

NI ganti la. konon konon mcm kat seagate tu kan.. tapi tak bleh pedas. takut zahraa tak leh mkn.. and tak de nenas. kalau ada. lagi bestt.. jemput makan :D

10 things i could do....

...... with tha nappy change mat...
Arghh look at her.. being funny and all.. my girls's a big girls now :D .. dah start build imagination..


look.. solat bagi salam sebelah je....???


spoon feeding

I dint really notice when she could use the spoon by herself, but she seems to do okay with it at home. Maybe they've trained her at school - Personally, I never trained her with the spoon, I thought she is not ready for it.. but look, she seems fine. I was wrong I guess.. and thanks to the teachers.


Monday, November 16, 2009

baby essential.. worth, not worth

I have been tagged by Neeza, about baby essentials, which is worth and which is not.. it is fun to do!! thanks Neeza.. i've been thinking since Sunday, what are my list would be :D

Worth it

1. Breast pump - mati ooo nak perah pakai tangan :D
2. Sling - has been very very very helpful to us. It saved our life
3. Baby bath tub and safety net - err tak reti nak explain. Hmm bath tub baby i ntoice sekrang banyak betul jual.. brand yg hebat2 dan mahal2. Yang RM300.. imagine la.. untuk nak mandi je. I just bought tub oblong yang biasa, RM 24 dan sejenis bende - tak tau panggil apa.. ada dlm gambar zahraa kat vox. Just put it in any tub.. then boleh lay baby atas tu .. baby takkan jatuh, or tergolek.. very useful, that is bought at 1st few years RM 56.
4. digital termometer - sgt la berguna nya.. boleh tahu perlu bawak pi doktor ke tak.. should bagi paracetamol ke tak.. yang best nya mak abah nya pun tumpang guna jugak. To me, this one tka kisah la jenis apa.. janji ada, and its working. Ours yg arm pit thermometer tu.
5. Diaper bag - To us, it is usefull, sebab hantar zahraa pi nursery every day. It doesnt have to be anything fancy.. anything will do ..., janji ada compartment yang sesuai.
6. Baby car seat - very useful to driving mothers. memang banyak sgt situation and cases anak tak nak duduk dlm tu .. but if you are alone, waht to do.. letak je la and just let the baby cry as long as she wants .. janji, tak payah pegang baby and drive. To me, my car seat guna sampai Zahraa 11 bulan je. Sebab masa dia dah jalan 10 bulan tu , dia refuse to be in it - so since then sampai sekarang dia pakai seat belt - like adults . i know.. bahaya kan???
7. Baby monitor - We dindt buy this thing. Sbb rumah kami kecik. anak bersin pun dengar. And she sleeps with us. But it is useful masa balik kampung. Rumah 2 tingkat. So kalau dia tido tgh hari, the monitor is useful la. Kadang duduk tingkat bawah tak dengar kat bilik atas. So saper duduk rumah 2 tingkat - memang perlu la baby monitor ni
8. Baby walker - we start masa Zahraa 4-5 bulan cam tu .. seronok, it helps her to stand, and practice her feet. It is very useful to feed her, when she starts on solid.
9. Baby high chair - of course, favorite. We use it till now, and will keep on using it, sampai la tak maut nak masuk dah.
10. Sterilizer - as long as you breastfeed.

Not worth at all.

1. Stroller - we are discussing baby essential rite?? Memang tak guna langsung. It only became useful when she turns 1 1/2 yo
2. Bottle warmer - there's always another alternative to be use. Doesnt really have to be it.
3. Baby cot - I'm not sure about this, but I think taking her in and out thru the nite has been my rutine. I think I'll skip this if I could turn back time. A mattress on the floor is more useful and safe
4. Bumper cot set - The first thing I bought for the baby. It end up making the cot hot. Baby tak boleh tido and berpeluh peluh. THose yang ada air cond ok kot
5. Baby rocker/bouncer - We have that fisher price baby rocker, Zahraa is ok to be on it.. its just that the rocker doesnt work to put her to sleep. And the vibrating mode, it just make her to look fot the button and play with it. The bouncer - the old metal bouncer with net at her nursery - this works better to put her to sleep.
6. neck support pillow - its a toy for Zahraa to make joke now, and being funny

Hmm other than this.. I cant remember - and actually we dont really have a lot of stuff - just basics. Mattress cover untuk salin napkin tu pun we just use the simple tollyjoy brand yang dulu dulu tu - not the mothercare one - it works the same way.

Actually when it comes to baby essential, I notice nowadays there is a lot of stuf in the market. Sometimes its over-d0 (or over spend). Ada ke berus botol pun nak beli brand mahal.. perlu kah.. and like tubs.. and like teether.. teether are just teether.. how fancy they are, tu untuk budak gigit je. And many other stuff...I think supposely we should choose whats worth or not.

But if you think you have the money to spend all out tak pe la kan.. its yours by the way :D

Oh.. almost forgot.. I have to tag someone kan
hmm.. tiru neeza la kan.. bagi gelaran :D

1. Always on top of the list - MYE SHMONTEL
5. CUPPY CAKE MUMMY - Can u make me a cake ? :D

Thursday, November 12, 2009

jangan mengeluh

Kita selalu Bertanya....................dan Al-Quran sudah menjawabnya..................


"Apakah manusia itu mengira bahawa mereka dibiarkan saja mengatakan; "Kami telah beriman," ("I am full of faith to Allah") sedangkan mereka tidak diuji? Dan sesungguhnya Kami telah menguji org2 yg sebelum mereka, maka sesungguhnya Allah mengetahui org2 yg benar dan, sesungguhnya Dia mengetahui org2 yg dusta."
-Surah Al-Ankabut ayat 2-3


"Boleh jadi kamu membenci sesuatu padahal ia amat baik bagimu, dan boleh jadi pula kamu menyukai sesuatu, padahal ia amat buruk bagimu, Allah mengetahui sedang kamu tidak mengetahui."
- Surah Al-Baqarah ayat 216


"Allah tidak membebani seseorang itu melainkan sesuai dengan kesanggupannya."
- Surah Al-Baqarah ayat 286


"Jgnlah kamu bersikap lemah, dan jgnlah pula kamu bersedih hati, padahal kamulah org2 yg paling tinggi darjatnya, jika kamu org2 yg beriman."
- Surah Al-Imran ayat 139


"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Bersabarlah kamu (menghadapi segala kesukaran dalam mengerjakan perkara-perkara yang berkebajikan), dan kuatkanlah kesabaran kamu lebih daripada kesabaran musuh, di medan perjuangan), dan bersedialah (dengan kekuatan pertahanan di daerah-daerah sempadan) serta bertaqwalah (be fearfull of Allah The Almighty) kamu kepada Allah supaya, kamu berjaya (mencapai kemenangan)."


"Dan mintalah pertolongan (kepada Allah) dengan jalan sabar dan mengerjakan sembahyang; dan sesungguhnya sembahyang itu amatlah berat kecuali kepada orang-orang yang khusyuk"
- Surah Al-Baqarah ayat 45


"Sesungguhnya Allah telah membeli dari org2 mu'min, diri, harta mereka dengan memberikan syurga utk mereka... ?
- Surah At-Taubah ayat 111


"Cukuplah Allah bagiku, tidak ada Tuhan selain dari Nya. Hanya kepadaNya aku bertawakkal."
- Surah At-Taubah ayat 129


"... ..dan jgnlah kamu berputus asa dr rahmat Allah. Sesungguhnya tiada berputus asa dr rahmat Allah melainkan kaum yg kafir."
- Surah Yusuf ayat 12

Peringatan ini saya terima dari sahabat yang prihatin pada saya. Saya sebarkan peringatan ini kepada sahabat2 tersayang untuk ingat mengingati kepada kebenaran

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Recipe: lasagna

I promised some friends the recipe for the lasagna I made the other day. I got the recipe from somewhere, in the net.. tapi dah lupa link.. so I wrote here what I did.. and there's a few adjustment I made. Nama Lasgna tu Lasagna garfield


Untuk Mi Lasagna

• Mi Lasagna. Biasanya dijual dalam kotak.

Adunan Cheese

• Keju Parmesan – tapi saya tak guna parmesan, mahal.. so saya tukar ke mozarella
• Minyak Zaitun
• Telur 3 biji
• Daun Basel – saya beli kat jusco, jual dlm botol, tempat herbs

Sos - part ini adalah highly customizable. Terpulang pada kreativiti anda. Apa isi pun boleh

• Sos tomato – yang famous brand Kimball. Tapi saya guna sos prego, apa perasa pun boleh , sbb dah ada segala oregano la, apa la… ini yang untuk buat sphagetti tu
• Daging cincang – this part ikut suka, sausage ke, ayam ke, frozen vege ke
• Button Mushroom yang dalam tin. Slice them
• Bawang besar
• Oregano – kalau nak, saya skip yang ni sbb dah guna sos tomato prego


• Keju Mozarella, or cheddar cheese untuk topping. This one iktu suka, kalau nak lasagna yang banyak cheese boleh letak kat each layer.


Untuk penyediaan adunan cheese

1. Parut keju parmesan hingga kecil-kecil. Masukkan di dalam satu bekas bersama dengan telur, sedikit daun basel dan secamca minyak zaitun.
2. Pukul adunan tersebut sehingga sebati.

Untuk penyediaan sos/filling.

1. Cincang bawang dan tumis, masukkan daging cincang untuk pastikan daging masak. Ada orang tak buat camni. Tapi saya geli la .. rasanya lagi selesa daging masak betul betul. Masuk mushroom
2. Campurkan dengan sos tomato, tambah sedikit oregano.
3. Gaulkan hingga sebati.

Menyusun lasagna

1. Saya guna pembakar yang pakai buang tu .. yang macam foil. Senang. Kalau nak guna tempat pembakar macam buat kek tu boleh juga. Tapi kena griskan dulu supaya tak melekat.
2. Susun kepingan-kepingan mi lasagna hingga menutupi permukaan baking pan. (Mi Lasagna yang saya beli was said to be oven ready. Tapi actually kena rebus jugak, sampai lembut.. kalau tak bila bakar jadik keras. Tips lagi – kepingan lasagna tak match dgn bekas pembakar lepas di rebus, so saya gunting2, to make sure cover semua permukaan).
3. Tuangkan adunan cheese tadi membentuk satu lapisan di atas mi lasagna tersebut. Tak perlu terlalu tebal, agak agak je la. .ikut citarasa.
4. Seterusnya, tuang pula sos/filling anda. Seperti cheese tadi, gunakan hanya separuh dari sos anda.
5. Kemudian, taburkan cheese mozarella di atas sos filling anda. Kalau suka cheese banyak. Saya tak letak .. takut muak. Tapi ada orang suka kan.
6. Ulang kembali dari langkah kedua, membentuk satu set lagi lapisan lasagna anda. Inilah sebabnya anda perlu guna separuh saja adunan cheese/sos anda tadi. Jika baking pan anda cukup besar dan cheese/sos anda cukup banyak, anda boleh buat 3 set lapisan pun. Pastikan lapisan teratas sekali adalah cheese mozzarella atau cheddar atau cheese topping. Make sure cover semua lasagna.. kalau tak . nanti dia keras.
7. Setelah siap, masukkan dalam oven yang telah dipanaskan terlebih dahulu dengan suhu 190 darjah celcius, untuk selama 30-40 minit.
8. Setelah masakkan, sejukkan dalam 10 minit, kemudian boleh dimakan

Hukum Menggugurkan janin?

Ya.. jarang sekali dibincangkan. Therefore I'd like to share some reading that i had, from here. From oen of my favorite blog.. wallahualam.. kalau ada terjumpa perbezaan pendapat, let meknow.. so that we can discuss and learn together.


Sebagai tambahan dan lebih faedah untuk pembaca disertakan hukum Menggugurkan Janin dalam keadaannya yang berbeza :

1. JANIN mengidap Penyakit yang ringan (tidak mengakibatkan kematian) yang boleh diubati.
Hukumnya : HARAM sebelum 4 bulan dan selepas

2. JANIN mengidap kecacatan ringan yang tidak boleh diubati tetapi ia boleh hidup. Seperti Buta, Cacat sebelah tangan, atau kedua-duanya, cata kaki, kurang jari dan sebagainya
Hukumnya : HARAM jika umur janin melebihi 4 bulan, HARUS kiranya umur bayi di bawah 4 bulan.

3. JANIN mengidap Kecacatan yang Serius yang membawa kematian . seperti tiada kepala, tiada paru2 dan sebagainya
Hukumnya : Biasanya janin akan gugur dengan sendirinya. Tiada hukum.

4. JANIN mengalami kecacatan anggota yang membawa akan membawa kematian sejurus selepas dilahirkan.
Hukumnya : Terdapat perbezaan pandangan ulama'

a) HARUS sebelum 4 bulan, Haram selepas 4 Bulan.

b) HARUS walaupun selepas 4 bulan, dengan syarat, Keyakinan tinggi hasil analisa Doktor2 pakar.

5. JANIN menghidapi penyakit AIDS.
Hukumnya : HARUS sebelum 4 bulan , Haram selepas 4 Bulan.

6. JANIN yang terhasil akibat dirogol
Hukumnya : HARUS digugurkan hanya sebelum 4 Bulan.

7. JANIN yang sihat @ sakit @ cacat tetapi nyawa Ibu terancam kiranya janin dilahirkan.
Hukumnya : HARUS gugur janin samada sebelum atau selepas 4 bulan, kerana nyawa Ibu diutamakan dalam hal ini.

PERSOALAN : Mengapa umur Janin SEBELUM DAN SELEPAS 4 bulan membawa perbezaan hukum ?

Jawapan : Berdasarkan hadith Riwayat Muslim, titik hidup manusia bermula sebagai manusia dengan mempunyai hak2 kemanusian yang dikitiraf dalam Islam adalah dari umur 4 bulan dalam kandungan. Kerana berdasarkan hadith Nabi SAW, MANUSIA DITIUPKAN RUHNYA KETIKA SEKITAR UMUR 120 HARI. DEMIKIAN PANDAGAN MAZHAB YANG EMPAT DAN MAJORITI FUQAHA.

Maka apabila telah ditiup Ruh, janin tersebut dianggap sebagai seorang manusia yang mempunyai hak seperti manusia sempurna. Justeru, penggugurannya adalah dikira membunuh manusia atau nyawa. Ia diharamkan oleh Allah sbgmn FirmanNya : Ertinnya : "Dan janganlah kamu membunuh nyawa manusia yang diharamkan oleh Allah kecuali dengan alasan yang benar (di sisi syarak)." (Surah Al-An'am : 151)

Walaupun majority fuqaha memfatwakan boleh menggugurakn janin sebelum 4 bulan dengan sebab2 yang konkrit, bagaimanapun terdapat sekumpulan kecil ulama yang mengharamkannya dalam semua peringkat umur janin, ia adalah pandangan Imam Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali (wafat 505 H), serta sebahagian Fuqaha' Mazhab Maliki.

Sekadar itu dahulu, semoga ianya dapat memberikan manfaat kepada semua, sebarang teguran membina amatlah dialu-alukan.


Irbid, Jordan
20 Jun 2003

Rujukan :
1. Qarar Majma' Fiqh Islam Sedunia
2. Al-Mawqif Al-Fiqhi wal Akhlaqi min qadhiyah Zar'u al-A'dho' , Dr Muhd Ali Al-Barr, Dar Al-Qalam, Dimasqh, cet 1, 1994 m
3. Qadhaya Tibbiyyah Mu'asiroh, Prof. Dr Muhd Na'im Yasin, Dar an-Nafais, Cet 3, 2000 m
4. Nizam Al-Usrah fil Islam, Prof Dr Muhd Uqlah Al-Ibrahim, Muassasah Ar-Risalah, cet 2, 1992 m
5. Gharasul a'dho', Dr Mustafa Al-Qudoh, Abhath Al-Yarmouk
6. Bahath Ijhad al-Janin Al-Musawwah, Prof Dr Misfar al-Qahtoni
7. Batath Ijhad al-Janin Al-Musawwah, Prof Dr Mahmud Abu Layl, Univ. UAE
8. Fatawa al-Muasiroh, Syeikh Dr Yusoff al-Qaradhawi, Muassasah ar-risalah, Beirut, cet 3, 1

Sila buka di

Friday, November 6, 2009

Zahraa's bff

owh.. she has bffs now :D what can I say .. hehehehe
This is lil Carliff

This is lil Najihah.. isnt she cute

Zahraa and counsins

I noticed Zahraa seems to be more interested to play with older kids, instead of kids her age. She now gets along well with her cousins, no need introduction, no need of a warm up.. they just met and boom - had a great time together.

This video was taken after Hasya's minor surgery. She had a cut on her thighs.. quite deep.. we ran her to Pantai Mutiara Friday night, almost at midnight. Alhamdulilah she seems to be ok.. look at her, the one in purple pants.. almost like nothing had happen to her.. (errghhh.. i shud have capture some of her photos... with all the blood runs thru her legs and splashed on her face)


baby no more

Lately Zahraa wants to do everything on her own... Yeah.. maybe she thinks, she's no baby anymore....


fun at the pool



Tuesday, November 3, 2009

i'm sick

i can explain all the blogging.. and no checking emails.. hahaha.. sorry to those who missed me :D
I am sick.. bad, chesty cough.. sampai sakit perut menahan.. and sampai nak pecah anak tekak...

And those meds are making me sooo sleepyyy... sebab tu blog cepat2.. buat je apa yg patut .. sbb Zahraa tak de and sebab nak pi tido lepas tuu....

I'm still sick - tapi dpt mc satu hari je

Monday, November 2, 2009

tudung ratu

This post is to introduced tudung ratu. Its not that new.. I've seen thier add in metro .. err.. or cosmo err. either or.. I found their shop in Semua House, just by coincidence. They are quite different than other tudungs, as they have many style to offers, from small, to big, selendang to inner tudung, from lycra to net, from plain and cotton, and they even have those tudung like Dato Siti's. ( in my opinion, I wouldnt call that a tudung, btw) I bought a few - to try some new style and get some new addition to the collection.
I bought - the tudung besar type - saw my ustazah wore this once. This is the first time i found a big tudung with pattern. Their pattern are pretty, and they are very very big. Its in seledang style, so you could style it any way you want. Too bad, mostly all small sizes was sold. So here I am in this. At first I want to sell this off - as I dot have any blouse to match this with.. but after a while - I thought.. what the hack.. pakai jela .. dah beli dah ...

I also bought the selendang type - in net fabric - they are very comfortable to wear - cooling. But dont worry, it is long - so you have to lilit twice - so your neck wont be visible. BUt this one is a bit tricky to wear if you want to cover your chest. S0 - taraa.. here's what i get.. :D

Alamak.. makcik mana plak ni......

zahraa can float!!!!

Lil Zahraa can now float.. she did it by herself, we never try to make her float, nor push her in to it.. its all on her on. and mumy felt ashamed on herself at this moment.. hehehe

This is in the adult pool - she's floating!!

This is in the adult pool.. she wants to try come in...

Look at that!! good girl!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya

I remebered babyripp has once posted a video of Afya with her tabung. As Zahraa has grown no, she is now allowed with coins..

But there's a tiny weeny problem - she kept asking for coins everyday!!!!

zahraa's hairdo

One of the things mom's with lil girls cant wait to do is - hairdo!!! But I am bad at it.. I bought stuffs for Zahraa's li head but none seems to succeed... hahaha I dont know why she rarely let me braid her hair.
But, lately, everytime we pick her up at school, we will be suprise. to see her with different hairdo everey day. It was done by Cikgu Ida.. wow.. I am maze.. 1. Because she's very good at it. 2. Because she could persue Zahraa to join her saloon avery day :d hahahha

Thats 4 pony tail!!!!!

The looks different hair tied up


I rarely make western food for Zahrein, as he is not really a fan. But after some time now- our dish eery weekend will rotate in between fried macaroni or spaghetti bolognnaise. However, since we went to Zul's house for raya, Zahrei now had his heart for lasagna. He request me for some. Wow.. its quite challenging for me - as I never make it, not having idea how to .

Thanks to my friend, the internet and Mr Google.
I found a recipe that I think could work for me..

So here's the first attempt of making lasagna... verdict - delicious, but upper layer is a bit hard; the topping not covering the upper layer in full, or a bit too long in the oven.

The first attempt thougt me a lot. See?? its not that high.. the tomato sauce layer should be thicker..

This is the filling - the tomato sauce.

Before going into the hot steel box

Second attempt - this time I prepared more tomato sauce filling and cheese layer.

In the making, thats the first layer of tomato sauce/filling.
Taraaa!!! the secod attempt is much more better.. much more tasty...

Say hello to my hot still box - the oven la.. kecik je. tapi berjasa..
!st layer of the tomato sauce

the family day

The family day :d

We havent got a chance to get some holiday - or at least a bit of fun - for quite some time (shopping bukan holiday la.. hahah) So Zahrein gave this idea of having a BBQ - since my office's BBQ asyik tak jadi je - plan je.. tak pernah nak jadik pun - or maybe its difficult if there's so many members in the pot. So had a BBQ among us, and Along's family. We use this grill set given by my mom in law some time ago - the week after we got marreid, I think.. Zahrein dont even remember we had this. We usually just use the grill oven.

So that day- activity was swimming!!!!! Zahrein and Zahrein, those kids and Abang Long went swimming.. This is the first time I capture thier picture from our house .. malas la nak turun bawah :P and tehre's some lamb to grill as well upstairs.. heheh
Thats Zahraa and her dadddy.. phewittt

Thats Husna

Zahraa saw me!!!

Hheheh those two guys..

Trying to zoom in..

The excitement!
We did the grilling in the house!!! hahaha We use the electril bbq set. I thought of doing it in the balcony - but there's no electrical point there... so - pengajaran nya - rumah baru kena ada plug point kat balcpny :D. There's a bbq pit at the pool area- but I think its ore comfortable to eat in the house. Poor litle Nouf, she bought her picnic set .. she tought we are having in by the pool side.. Sorry darling.. next time ok..
Zahrein- master grill... we grilled chicken, lamb and some corn. Chicken and lamb - already marinated - we bought from Kak Bibah - her marinates are yummy..... (and sonang kojo den)

The food for the day !!!

1. Grilled lamb

2. Grilled chicken drumstick n wings

3. Fried Macaroni

4. Potato salad

5. Garden salad

6. Brown sauce - my own made !!!! yippie!!! (made by request from Zahrein)

7. Corn

Alhamdulillah.. I am very happy - todya everything was made on our own - except for sos icli and thousand island sauce.. hahahha I am very happy because they are all finish!!!!