Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Anak A
Very active.. mmg tak duduk diam.. ada je bende nak buat.. but he is a clever boy... he sees things other kids didnt.. and he could understand things easily.. but he is really naughty and active

Anak B
Budak baik sgt. duduk diam je.. ckp duduk, duduk..very handsome and cute.. cool and obedient kid

Mak Anak A
'alahai B ni. baiknya la.. tapinya slow je.. anak aku dulu umur ni dah kena semua huruf dah.. dah tau animal dalam each page buku tu.. budak active mmg macam tu... belajar cepat.. '

Mak Anak B
'budak A ni buas sungguh la.. tak duduk diam langsung.. anak aku tak usik barang2 orang letak atas meja ni, baik je.. '

apakah???? what do you al think?? any comment???

a busy week

I had a busy week .. and that's gonna continue till June. I am now working on this proposal on a commercial condo in Bayan Baru..right in front of our condo-to-be.. leceh betul.. I am so jealous...that seems to be a nicer one than ours :P ergh.. tapi takpelah.. for sure the one we already had is far cheaper than this.. but this is still under proposal, will be launch next year, after planning approval that was targeted by September. So seems I got somehting big in hand at the moment. I kinda hate this.. its kinda big, I should be happy with it... But the thing is, no architect want this project because initially they dont want to work with 'the top' project manager... well, if you know what I mean. So.. back to square-all project that is unwanted by other architect goes to me...just like old times...

Kesian this only lady - referring to myself - sort of kena buli

But whatever.. I'm gonna take this challenge.. tak kisah la whatever happen... well, Mr project manager, like it or not.. I'm the only one you have take it or leave it (i prefer you leave it, then my life would be better off without this)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

8P petua kebahagiaan rumah tangga

Petua 8P Ustazah Siti Nurbahyah

Siti Nur Bahyah berkata,

1) P yang pertama ialah 'puji' iaitu setiap pasangan perlu saling memuji antara satu sama lain dalam semua aspek kehidupan seperti masakan atau ucapan terim! a kasih apabila diberi pertolongan.

2) Katanya, P kedua ialah 'peluk' yang mana pasangan suami isteri hendaklah selalu peluk memeluk antara satu sama lain sekerap mungkin pada setiap hari kerana pelukan itu adalah belaian penuh kasih sayang.

3) P seterusnya ialah 'penghargaan' di mana amalan memberi hadiah boleh menambah kasih sayang.

4) 'Perhatian' adalah P keempat yang mesti diambil berat kerana kekurangan perhatian boleh mengakibatkan pasangan terasa diabaikan, katanya yang menulis buku Cakar Harimau - Tips Kebahagiaan Rumah Tangga, Amalan Ibu Mengandung dan Panduan Mencerdaskan Minda.

5) Siti Nur Bahyah berkata, P seterusnya mewakili 'persefahaman'

6) Menurutnya, P selanjutnya membawa maksud 'pergaulan' iaitu pasangan suami isteri mesti menjaga pergaulan masing-masing dengan orang lain bagi mengelakkannya daripada melampaui batas, menimbulkan cemburu seterusnya membawa kepada pembabitan orang ketiga.

7) Beliau berkata, satu lagi P adalah 'percutian' di mana kita perlu merancang percutian berdua-duaan dengan pasangan di tempat yang jauh daripada kesibukan dan kehidupan rutin.

8) Katanya, P yang terakhir ialah 'permohonan' iaitu doa kepada Allah supaya merapatkan kasih sayang antara pasangan suami isteri serta dijauhi daripada godaan kemewahan dan keseronokan dunia.

Siti Nur Bahyah juga menurunkan beberapa amalan doa selepas solat yang boleh merapatkan hubungan dan menimbulkan kasih sayang antara suami isteri iaitu membaca surah Al-Imran ayat ke-31 atau membacakan ayat ke-200 surah sama bagi mengurangkan panas baran suami.
Beliau berkata, kunci kebahagiaan rumah tangga yang sebenar ialah mendekatkan diri dengan Allah. Katanya, apabila seseorang insan mengabaikan tanggung jawab terhadap agama, dia akan mengabaikan rumah tangga kerana jiwa yang kosong.

"Ketika kita jauh daripada Allah, iblis yang suka umat manusia bercerai-berai akan menghampiri dan melalaikan kita daripada tanggung jawab terhadap keluarga," katanya.

"sampaikanlah pesanan yang bermanfaat walaupun 1 ayat"

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

coming soon??

It seem like our home-to-be construction is speeding up lately. That seems great..if we could move in earlier than expected, why our rental fees. I am quite excited/nervous/do no where to start with this house. It is my first time moving (moving in after marriage doesnt count - that was just 2 bag and 3 paper bags??) and of course first time to own a house. A place on our own.. cant imagine that yet. Renovating could take a lot of work and cost a lot too!!

This is the main entrace into the house. Look too big is it? Those square feet here should be shifted inside, I think
The bathroom at master bedroom

The master bedroom.. I dunno if we really need that sliding door? Err.. dont think will need to lepak outside, no one is smoking by the way

2nd bathroom. hmm i dont really fancy the tiling choice of the architect

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 2.. Zahraa's room-to-be??

Corridor towards the rooms..quite narrow.. I plan to install book shelves here.. but err dont think it would fit

The living area and dining area

3rd toilet

4th room / utility..might turn into laundry room

Yeah!! my kitchen.. it look small to me, it seems not proportionate to the whole house...might need a renovation later

Another sliding door at the living hall.. got to spend a lot for curtain (and have fun choosing curtains!! yippie)

So these are the picture of our place to be... Thanks for these pictures, I took these from the blog

The pink building is Sri Malaysia hotel

There are little slack here and there.. but which building is not.. anyways I am grateful to have a place to stay.. there are still so many people being homeless in this world, and even inappropriate house in our country. So whatever it is, I'm so grateful to Allah for this rezeki. Hope the construction will be completed soon.

who's anne frank

well.. since Mye's has asked about it.. I thought why not I write about it??
I remembered reading this when I was in primary school...around 9-10 years old, I think.. and it was the first true story book I have ever read (seingat aku la..) It is about a girl who is in hiding place while there's war.. she wrote about the hiding place, err soldiers if i'm not mistaken.. and I think its the ever book that taught me to imagine things :P every time I think of the word diary I will remember this story book.. Love it.. the one i read.. warna pink cover with brown or black fonts :P and the picture of the girl.. rambut gulung.. err.. entah le bertul ke apa yg aku ingat ni..

But since Mye asked, I was thinking, betul ke ada buku yg aku baca ni, and betul ke it is a real story, so I googled out.. oh, rupanya there's a lot about her.. and even a official website :D Thanks Anne Frank.. I think I learned writing a diary/blog from you :P

And thanks Mye.. giving me the idea what to write today :D

"I haven't written for a few days, because I wanted first of all to think about my diary. It's an odd idea for someone like me to keep a diary; not only because I have never done so before, but because it seems to me that neither I - nor for that matter anyone else - will be interested in the unbosomings of a thirteen-year-old schoolgirl. Still, what does that matter? I want to write, but more than that, I want to bring out all kinds of things that lie buried deep in my heart." (from The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank, 1952)

Monday, April 20, 2009

love your blog award

This is tag form Kayla.. she gave this award.. yeah!! thanks!! And those tagged here have to pass it down to 7 other person

a. The winner can put the logo on his/her awesome blog

b. Link the person you received your award from…

c. Nominate at least 7 other blogs (in random and no particular order kay)

1. mye ( i know u got it from kayla already. but.. errr bagi je la lagi ek)

2. ito

3. aiza

4. nani

5. babyripp aka liz

6. hadi

7. farid aka halina zairi

d. Put links of those blogs on yours.

e. Leave a message on the blogs of those you’ve nominated.

ring sling at last

At last i have a ring sling..never thought I would :P And it is great!!! I am now in love with ring sling. Before this I love love love pouches, but ring sling is actually more snug and can adjust to make it higher to achieve comfort.. you all should try it too!!

The spec:

Ring: Turqoise M
Fabric: Washable silk
Deco fabric: Habutai
Shoulder style: Gathered shoulder
Special feature: Double sided

This pic show one side of the sling is plain purple.. when I wear it, the tail is showing the stripes is green, blue, purple and pink. Look how happy we are :D

And this is the other side..when it is wore, the stripes part is covering zahraa and my body. The simple plain purple shows at the tail :D

Saturday, April 18, 2009

green phone charger

This is so cool, yet so green.. A light, a charger becomes the solar energy Eneloop Solar Light. It stores solar energy in the day to get ready for the night. It is composed of nine white LED light source which can be divided into three levels of flat-panel brightness adjustment. According to the brightness of LED light, it will last different time; usually it can be maintained after the 9-50 hours. Even if all nine lights turned on and the brightness to maximum, it can be used continuously for nine hours. In addition, it is equipped with USB interface; On top of that, the USB port charges your phone/gadgets, all by using solar as energy.
via Cool Design Ideas Blog:

Friday, April 17, 2009

zahraa is 14 months

pictures of her being 14 months

zahraa's first drawing

Zahraa loves to play with her Abah's pen, and note day she scribbled on her palm, feet and cheek.. I am not sure whether 14 month old baby is ready for stationary or not, so I decided to try her on a magnetic drawing board..well, she seems know to use the thing ..

what?? sewing??

Yeah.. sewing.. remember I said I know nothing about sewing and doesnt even know how to sew?? Well, forget about the machine, I hand sew then.. :P So I did..a dress for Zahraa, of course it wasn't perfect. The size wasn't right yet, the fabric might be too thin and there's a button missing.. :P But it did look like a dress anyway hahaha

weekend activity

Well, as I mentioned we went excercizing every sunday (hope that will be a consistent weekend activity.. so here's our pic lsat weekend.. caption: we love green!!!!! (I mean green, not the colour green)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

ariani in damansara

Ariani skaf and selendang is now at The Strand, Kota Damansara!!!
Salam buat semua,

Bagi yang ingin atau sedang mencari ilmu akhirat, dibawah ada jadual menjemput saudara saudari kemajlis Pengajian Ilmu diMasjid Negeri Pulau Pinang.

Marilah ramai ramai kita menjayakan majlis Akhirat seperti yang telah kita lihat kejayaan Majlis Dunia, program hiburan reality.....

Salam Hormat Tuan/Puan,
Dimaklumkan bahawa Pejabat Urusetia Masjid Negeri sedang mengadakan Sesi Pengajian Agama 'Tafaqquh Fid-Deen' secara percuma seperti berikut :-

Tarikh : Setiap Hari Sabtu
Masa : 9.00 pagi hingga 11.00 pagi
Tempat : Bilik Kuliah, Masjid Negeri Pulau Pinang
Cara Pemyampaian : Ceramah
Penyertaan : Terbuka Kepada Orang Ramai Secara Percuma
Jamuan Ringan : Disediakan [ Nasi Lemak & Minuman ]

Tajuk Mingguan : Minggu Sabtu Pertama [ Hadis ]
Minggu Sabtu Kedua [ Tafsir Al-Quran ]
Minggu Sabtu Ketiga [ Fekah ]
Minggu Sabtu Keempat [ Tauhid ]

Berminat : Sila hadir terus ke Bilik Kuliah, Masjid Negeri Pulau Pinang.
Sebarang Pertanyaan : Hubungi Pejabat Urusetia Masjid Negeri Pulau Pinang
di talian 04-8282212.

Sekian, terima kasih

* Sila sebarkan maklumat ini kepeda saudara-saudara Muslim yang lain.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Earth day

22nd April 09 is Earth Day!!!

zahraa ate durian!!

I forgot about this picture. I was browsing thru my phone today and these really make me smile. This was taken in december, which she was 10 mo +. We can't really believe she loves the durian. She screamed when I took it away from her..we had to finish all durian quickly so she didnt eat so much of those..

green home - pica condo

I am a new addition to this project, Pica condo, a 4 tower condo@bayan mutiara a.k.a Queensbay area. Our head architect, Syed Hyder (masih bujang) drag me into this as the ID. The meeting I attended yesterday was very interesting as it was dicussing about Green Building certification. Our client plan to make this condo as the first condo in Penang having this cert of Green Building or it is called as Green Marks Certification. A consultant from Singapore came to give a review on our design. He, however would give a full advice on how to get points to pass the requirement (there are examiners that will look into the building, make assessment and give mark to the building) after been appointed by our client. Those passing 50 points will get the least cert. Oh, by the way, the cert has many levels too, in a simple way, it has like 2 star, 3 star, 4 star.. as such)

Some of the criteria mentioned yesterday in order to get the Green Building cert are (still basic as we haven't appoint them yet):

- Landscape: Volume of trees of certain types of trees
- Glass walls and windows: Installing special film to reduce heating
- Cool paint: Apply a special paint that will reflect heat. This heat reduce could be calculated and proved with this usage of cool paint.. (i think this is super cool :P)
- As much as natural lighting and natural ventilation to the common area
- If all parties, architects, C&S, M&E and QS has the cert of ISO 14001 - 1 point will be given
- If manual is given to the residents of how to practice living in green concept - 1 point will be given
- Swimming pool - maintenance free and chlorine free
- Using mobile compactor and providing recycle bin
- Lighting load reduce
- Using solar panel to reduce power consumption

I will update these item form time to time. Before this, I was glad architects has awareness into green living, but it cant happen if developers are not willing to invest in it. I think it is great that our client want to do this, however, we are waiting for Penang CM to have a nod to do this this year.

jumpsac sale

Jumpsac is having 20% sale throughout the store!!! Grab this change to get yourself your own 'ultimate gathered shoulder' style

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

mac bug

I have problems with blogger when i starting this blog. As i mention the other day, it appear differently on internet explorer and safari, or in different OS. Today, I have the solution.. so whoever had a problem like mine, or any problem editing, posting, uploading your blog, just download firefox and it is all solved!!! thanks to and the blog doctor

Monday, April 13, 2009

prison break season 4

been watching with hubby all the way last week.. but really frustrated as this is only the first part of the season.. the 2nd part will meet the US in the end of April.. erghh geramnya.. stopped at their mother is still alive actually. My favourite this season: love that lady gretchen.. comot pun pretty :P

cute blogger award

This is a tag from MYE


Errr.. random?? ergh. this sounds too random, making it difficult to put the together.. hahahah

1. I'm easily hooked up on something.. When I'm hooked to it... ergghhhh the addiction is hard to be washed away

2. My favorite novel ever are those shopaholic series from Sophie Kinsella - simply because I really dig the story.. hahaha or simply because - I'm a shopaholic too??? naaahhhh.. I'm still far from Becky :P

3. I've lost my passion towards my job - reason: frustration, less motivation, less support and of course, new obsession*

4. I laugh or giggles a lot ( I think thats strange) when I'm nervous or shy

5. I make friends easily

6. There's still a child in me - a fact that I wouldnt want to admit; do I have to?

7. I love cooking - people dont know that, as I rarely cook now.. but I do love to cook!!! Many who knew me doesnt know that I started cooking at the age of 9.. it was my hobby back then...

8. I dont know how to bake. I just bake a cake once, and it became like a giant muffin, errr.. too much baking soda if you know what I mean.. silly me

9. I dont know how to use a sewing machine

10. I am always worried about my weight, but never really care enough to control it..

I dunno who to tag, most people has done this... hmm maybe I'll tag just some.. if they havent done this yet.. Babyripp, Kayla, Kudin, Hadi, Nuyu, Fahimi, Apai, Ian, Nurul my cousin and whoever wan to do this.. quite fun though .. :P

* to answer Mye's quest.. New Obsession = being a mummy and a wife, to be a great great great architect, 100% commitment is required, but i i have to commit to my family more :D

how to begin a new blog

I've been thinking for quite a while, how i start over again this new blog? Most of my stuffs has been written in vox. At last, I decided to post all those tags I've answered, and some I'd like to try answering :D

This is a tag from Hadi I enjoyed this tag

Starting time : 8.15 am
Name : Zurahanim Abdul Hamid
Sisters : 1
Brothers : 2
Shoe size : 5 or 6
Height : 160 cm
Where do you live : Bayan Baru, Penang
Have you ever Been on a plane : Yes
Swam in the ocean : Yes, last time, in Langkawi on our honeymon
Fallen asleep at school : Of course, who didn't? I'm the master in it
Broken someone’s heart : errr.. dunno, maybe
Fell off your chair : never
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : yeah, think so
Saved e-mails : yes
What is your room like : blue+purple
What’s right beside you : my tumbler
What is the last thing you ate : toast
Ever had Chicken pox : secondary school
Sore throat : yes
Stitches : Nope
Broken nose : no, just fractured my hand, dislocate my knees and shoulder
Do you Believe in love at first sight : Yes, indeed
Like picnics : yes
Who was were the last person You danced with : my baby
last time u laugh: last monday nite, watching my wife and kids with hubby (never really watched tv lately, so its easy to feel funny that day)
You last yelled at : dont really yell at anyone
Kissed anyone : of course, hubby and baby
Get sick : rarely, but bad when got sick
Talk to an ex : Nope
Miss someone : Yes
Who do you really hate: secret
Do you like your hand-writing : hmm only those with big letters
Are your toe nails painted : No
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : My best friend's
What color shirt are you wearing now : turquoise blue
Are you a friendly person : Yes, very
Do you have any pets : sometimes ago... not now, they seems to die
Do you sleep with the TV on : Yes, sometimes
What are you doing right now : Updating my blog
Can you handle the truth : Yes
Are you closer to your mother or father : Hmm they're both gone. But when they both still alive, father.
Do you eat healthy : I guess so
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : No, of course not
If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : Mye
Are you loud or quiet most of the time : loud
Are you confident : Yes

5 things I was doing 10 years ago
1) End my school with unsatisfied SPM result
2) Getting into IIUM and graduated with 2 degrees, 2 times convocation.. ahaks..
3) Dating, wedding planning, engaged, got married, delivered a baby
4) Trying to get a job and then jumped to another and ended up here in PDCC
5) Getting over my mothers death, and my dad's 5 years later and moved to Penang

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
1) Take my family to umrah or Hajj
2) Build a very nice facilities for the orphanage or poor children, so they could get good education (the reason of being architect..but found its not relevant at all)
3) But a good asset for the future
4) Start a business, a really good one
5) Go on a world tour, a holiday we could never have

I am living in
1) Kuantan, Pahang (sejak lahir)
2) Jasin, Melaka (sekolah berasrama)
3) Gombak, Selangor (universiti)
4) Bayan Baru, Penang (now)
5) Kota Damansara, PJ (nomad at inlaws home)

5 people I tag
1) Liza Yaakup a.k.a babyripp
2) Liyafendi, Japan
3) Ian, Abu Dhabi
4) Nuyu, Kuala Lumpur
5) Aiza, Penang

body weight management

I am always worry about my body weight especially when those apparels need another size up and half of the wardrobe cant fit me anymore. But I never did do anything about it. The only thing I did was having light and early dinner.. (light was just like, 2 or 3 currypuffs, or 2 slice of bread) Well, thats for almost a year now, but I dont loose weight much.

Recently my best friend made me realise that good diet and exercise is not only to loose weight. But it is also for health, for a better preparation if we are conceiving. I was like.. dang!! never really thought of that. So that was where I make a turnaround and decide I have to watch carefully what I consume and find sometime to exercise. My husband was beig very very supportive :D, gave me some RM to buy a new running shoes. Yesterday, we went to Pisa stadium and I joined the aerobic there while DH play with Zahraa.

Its great, why dont join me? Venue: Pisa, Time: 8 am every weekend Fees: FOC

P/s It left me feeling very very tired today... :P sakit badan . huhuhuhu

Saturday, April 11, 2009

coming up with this blog

This is a second time I am creating blog. More than 1 year ago, Mye introduced me into blogging, and I had since then. I found blogging is great, and it has been a new hobby to me, making it interesting and all. It teaches me more about the net too. Vox was great, entries are easy to post, I have my own library, and the it easy to use, suits one who is new to blogging like me (no working on codes and html and all) However, after sometime I noticed there are certin things that I cant to or manage with vox. 1. Non member cannot leave me comment 2.I cant add more than 1 favourite widget 3.It doesnt show all my favourite links 4,I cant have my own template.
That is how this blog come up. Just want to make thing more interesting. However, there's a few tips I want to share. First of all, the template I am using was downloaded from some blogger template website. I have chose a few other skins earlier, but this particular one I am using is the only one successfully uploaded. Well it seems this is my destiny then :D hehehe. But I had a few bumps upgrading it as well.. and at last, I found out that the templates cannot be upgraded or edited or been customised when I'm on my Mac. It can only be done on Window's Internet Explorer, and this fact wasnt told in all those help tools and websites i've read. Thank you for all the responses and advices gave to me, but it is that simple-it doesnt work on Mac (hope the designer read this) What happened actually was some of the tabs doesnt appear as it was suppose to be, and there aren't buttons there are suppose to be there on the site map..funny rite.. but that was what happened to me.
If there's anyone has encountered this, it is actually that simple - runs on a different OS.

By the way, thanks to my husband who has help uploaded this template and fix the codes so it works.

Friday, April 10, 2009

14 months

zahraa is 14 months today!!! she is now cheekier, funnier, naughtier hahaha and more lovable