Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Anak A
Very active.. mmg tak duduk diam.. ada je bende nak buat.. but he is a clever boy... he sees things other kids didnt.. and he could understand things easily.. but he is really naughty and active

Anak B
Budak baik sgt. duduk diam je.. ckp duduk, duduk..very handsome and cute.. cool and obedient kid

Mak Anak A
'alahai B ni. baiknya la.. tapinya slow je.. anak aku dulu umur ni dah kena semua huruf dah.. dah tau animal dalam each page buku tu.. budak active mmg macam tu... belajar cepat.. '

Mak Anak B
'budak A ni buas sungguh la.. tak duduk diam langsung.. anak aku tak usik barang2 orang letak atas meja ni, baik je.. '

apakah???? what do you al think?? any comment???


Drama Mama said...

every child develops differently. i think it's normal for parents to be proud of their babies/child, but not to the extent nak kecil2kan other babies/child. that's unacceptable. but it's a norm among many out there kan...


yup... being a mummy now make me notice this..esp it happens a lot in front of our eyes.. when people is comparing my child to another I dont notice this scenario.. but noticed this when it happened among friends..
P/s this dialog happened behind ech other's back if you see what i mean :P