Monday, April 13, 2009

body weight management

I am always worry about my body weight especially when those apparels need another size up and half of the wardrobe cant fit me anymore. But I never did do anything about it. The only thing I did was having light and early dinner.. (light was just like, 2 or 3 currypuffs, or 2 slice of bread) Well, thats for almost a year now, but I dont loose weight much.

Recently my best friend made me realise that good diet and exercise is not only to loose weight. But it is also for health, for a better preparation if we are conceiving. I was like.. dang!! never really thought of that. So that was where I make a turnaround and decide I have to watch carefully what I consume and find sometime to exercise. My husband was beig very very supportive :D, gave me some RM to buy a new running shoes. Yesterday, we went to Pisa stadium and I joined the aerobic there while DH play with Zahraa.

Its great, why dont join me? Venue: Pisa, Time: 8 am every weekend Fees: FOC

P/s It left me feeling very very tired today... :P sakit badan . huhuhuhu

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