Monday, April 13, 2009

cute blogger award

This is a tag from MYE


Errr.. random?? ergh. this sounds too random, making it difficult to put the together.. hahahah

1. I'm easily hooked up on something.. When I'm hooked to it... ergghhhh the addiction is hard to be washed away

2. My favorite novel ever are those shopaholic series from Sophie Kinsella - simply because I really dig the story.. hahaha or simply because - I'm a shopaholic too??? naaahhhh.. I'm still far from Becky :P

3. I've lost my passion towards my job - reason: frustration, less motivation, less support and of course, new obsession*

4. I laugh or giggles a lot ( I think thats strange) when I'm nervous or shy

5. I make friends easily

6. There's still a child in me - a fact that I wouldnt want to admit; do I have to?

7. I love cooking - people dont know that, as I rarely cook now.. but I do love to cook!!! Many who knew me doesnt know that I started cooking at the age of 9.. it was my hobby back then...

8. I dont know how to bake. I just bake a cake once, and it became like a giant muffin, errr.. too much baking soda if you know what I mean.. silly me

9. I dont know how to use a sewing machine

10. I am always worried about my weight, but never really care enough to control it..

I dunno who to tag, most people has done this... hmm maybe I'll tag just some.. if they havent done this yet.. Babyripp, Kayla, Kudin, Hadi, Nuyu, Fahimi, Apai, Ian, Nurul my cousin and whoever wan to do this.. quite fun though .. :P

* to answer Mye's quest.. New Obsession = being a mummy and a wife, to be a great great great architect, 100% commitment is required, but i i have to commit to my family more :D

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