Monday, April 20, 2009

ring sling at last

At last i have a ring sling..never thought I would :P And it is great!!! I am now in love with ring sling. Before this I love love love pouches, but ring sling is actually more snug and can adjust to make it higher to achieve comfort.. you all should try it too!!

The spec:

Ring: Turqoise M
Fabric: Washable silk
Deco fabric: Habutai
Shoulder style: Gathered shoulder
Special feature: Double sided

This pic show one side of the sling is plain purple.. when I wear it, the tail is showing the stripes is green, blue, purple and pink. Look how happy we are :D

And this is the other side..when it is wore, the stripes part is covering zahraa and my body. The simple plain purple shows at the tail :D


liz said...

fuwahhh dah pandai pakai rs!!

Hanim said...

cantik cantik!!
custom made ke?


yup.. its a custom bu request heheh LIz made it for me..:D

mye said...

jap, u mean each purple, blue, green, lilac tu different cloth pastu sambung-sambung?

bila balik kl?? mau tgk...cantik sgt!!!

btw, sila jawab tag ye..muehehe....


yes my dear.. all different cloth.. sambung sambung to make it stripey!!1 yeah!! and liz helped to make a dream comes true.. hikhikhik
tag ?? heheh orait..

farhyamar said...

zoora cantik la hehhhe mcm nak tempah 1 kat mana ek, walaupun x i derr anak lagi.....


i bought my own fabric and rings.. then i tempah dgn