Monday, May 18, 2009

american idol?????

we have not been watching entertainment a lot lately... but sometimes back last month, I had a peek on the american idol 2009.. and there is this guy Adam Lambert, who I think is very very very good.. after the first time watching him (thats the 1st week, he sings black n white), I watched the repeat shows just to see him. well.. that was like 2 times only.. But last weekend, channel 711 has had the american idol 2009 marathon, and I am bored at home (zahrein pergi keje.. huhuhuh, and there's nothing interesting on tv) so i had the chance again to see this guy's performance.. He has such a powerfull vocal, and extremely great stage presentation - just like a pro.. I agree with Paula Abdul who said he is the most brave contestant ever! Even simon said he was a brilliant performer with undoubtedly good vocal
today, i downloaded his songs from the net.. to try to listen again (mana la tau kot kot dalam tv je sedap kan) but seriously listening to him was like listening to the record!!!
whether he wins or not... i think he will make a great artist in the future..

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