Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ikramah bin abu jahal

I just finished reading this book 3 days ago.. it is a very interesting novel.. from novel sejarah islam series keluaran pts publisher.. I like this book very much, it is telling history in a simple way.. hmm how to say.. hmm normally when we read history books, it was difficult to follow and imagine right, especially islamic history but this novel was written in a way that is easily understood and imaginable... siap sedih2 and terharu lagi... and of course in it ada preingatan thru the hadiths and Quranic verses.

Ikramah bin abu jahal is the son of Abu Jahal who fought against Islam the most. But Ikramah was given the hidayah and become an Islamic fighter. His journey towards syahid was so touching.. lets read this together and you all will know what I mean..

Next to read is ... Tariq bin Ziyad


CuppyCakeMommy said...

hi..love reading ur blog..i nak link kan ur blog with mine..selamat berkenalan ye


yeah.. sure.. and thanks for reading .. please do visit again