Saturday, May 30, 2009

one size up

i dint realize it all... i never did check how's her tiny lil fit do in those lil shoes... until one day i did!! Oh.. rupanya the shoe has been too small for her already. I measured again and her feet land those marks that says 'too small' Ouch. pity you darling, mummy has been checking out mummy's new shoe but dindt check how's your doing...

Zahraa's been using her shoes since.. November, and had that oskosh in December.. so.. hmm almost 6 months.. kira ok la kot eh... So its time to tkae out those-which-was-once-too-big-for-you..

And taraaaa!!! Added to her milestone, she is now one shoe size up !!! :D

(by the way.. Mummy said she thinks the socks dont match :P)

1 comment:

kayla said...

zahra, those are such cute shoes u have dear! all girls should have a pair of mary janes, don't they :) auntie kayla loves them too!!