Friday, June 26, 2009

the sleeping icon

zura tido dgn pusingan 360 degrees...hehe!

ehe lawak betullah zaman student nih...ingat tak masa kita belaja irk..gila kena cop geng zurahanim..dah la dtg lambat ngantuk jek pulak tu dlm kelas..ayooo. .ngehehe. ..yg jadi cikgu la ni mesti teringat zaman korang jadi student yek bila nengok student korang...

Zura...aku takkan lupa la ko ratu tido dalam kelas ni. Tegakkan buku atas meja, pastu tido balik buku. Konon cikgu tak nampak la tu. Tak cukup dalam kelas, pegi memana pun dia lah ratu tido. Hehe...

kaki tido...tat's right! U slept a lot in class. haha. i remember the jarum bits also n how hock wud yelp out loud. haha.
time ni, fara was always copying out song lyrics for us. i remember lotsa singing when teacher's not in. :p
wat happened 2 farid wajdi? no news? he was always so busy trying to peep under gal's skirts. haha.

ok.. these are some of comments, and mails from my freinds. which coincidently discussing my sleeping habit in class!!! Seriously!!!!!!! I now realised that actually, I have been the sleeping icon where ever I go.

Form 1-3 - I was in Smart Kuantan.. and yup.. I do remember being scolded coz I slept. Remember Pn Lau said: 'Look at that curtain kt tepi Zura.. dia melambai cakap Zura.. tido la.... zura.. tido la...' I didnt notice that till I open my eyes and the whole class is looking at me!!!
Form 4-5 - I was in MRSM Jasin and I remembered CIkgu Kassim asked me 'Hanim , awak faham tak saya cakap apa?' and I said 'Faham cikgu!' And he goes 'Apa yang awak faham??' till then i realised i'm not at the same pages as other table partner (damn!! no one wake me up!!!)
Year 1 Architecture UIA - oh.. this was like the emergence of the new idol in Gombak!! the sleeping beauty or well known as the 360 degrees hang banging lady!! I remembered I slept almost in every class!!! huh.. sigh... and every lecturer scold me, and whatever.. but I still fall asleep. Oh .. really cant forgot Dr Azeez "Sister!!! Go and wash your face!! Why are you always tired in class???!!' Aiyoo!!! sori la cikgu.. I cant help myself

My confession

Yes!! I slept... but Its not my intention to sleep in class dear teachers... Sometimes I dont even notice that I'm sleeping, till the girl next to me 'elbowed' me.. I tot I was listening, and I tot I was looking.. I felt ashamed sometimes, and sometimes I felt bad for my freind. kesian, satu gengn kena marah skalik.. sory gurls.. But!! another thing is.. I didnt flop hahahahaha.. alhamdulilah i didnt ..

to all my teachers.. I am sorry.. but I am so sure that you all never forget me :D heheheh and to my freinds.. hope all of you enjoy the head banging entertainment you all had in class. and thanks to my best friend.. sho always watch over me, and wake me up when its time :P

today, i'm not a sleeper anymore.. serious.. no more headbanging and all..

epilog : everyday or eery class ended with Mye saying " Dah dah dah.. bangun.. abis dah .. balik balik"

** sedapnya nasi tomato kat matrik pj.. ala kat kantin c yg mcm jejantas tu .. yg ada kebab ah ya un

Thursday, June 18, 2009

zahraa today

Since she's in the toddler class now, I notice difference in her :D. She now prefers to eat on her own, rather than being fed. She prefers to bring her own plate to the dining, and she make less mess. Whenever i said "Zahraa.. lets change your diaper.." or "Zahraa.. jom mandi" she will go straight to our room, or to the toilet. She sleeps earlier and wake up only once or twice.. (thanks sweetie) When she's playing on her own, i notice she imitates the pictures or sometimes tries to wear her shirt.. and sometime I caught her trying to make pieces of papers into whatever art work. And not to mention she's been more and more acive..sometime I just cant catch up.. jst let her do what she wants and I'l clean up later.

I think she has gain some weight too.. maybe because she now eats 4 times a day :P.. and I think the 14 teeth she has now helps. I am shocked that she loves onions.. whenever she ate fried mee, or omelet, she's pick up all the onions first, then the carrot, then the meat and then only the noodle or egg.

Its just that she didnt say much.. of course she babbles a lot.. but whatever she says, she has her own translation to it.. new vocab: ediiberrr - ladybird, orss - horse, kitty - kitten, miii - milk, ishh - fish, oos - shoes

And till now, I still have no idea what is tattebaaa, which she always say this.. but we dont have any idea what is it

At this moment I need to solve this two issue :
1. Taking her back home - everyday, she refuse to leave school..whenever I got her to school, she'll be ignoring me and run straight in.. and every evening when Zahrein went sayin.."Zahraa!!! Abah datang!! Jom balik nak??" she run in to the furthers class.. nd you;; know what happen next rite.. struggles and cries to get her into the car.

2. I have got no idea what to feed her!! Since both of us didnt eat much at dinner, so I've got no idea what else to feed Zahraa. It has always been scrambled egg or omelete with different fillings.. or fried macaroni, or fried noodle.. other than that.. no idea... :P

Help me with these ok

say hello to my new handbag

At last this is the bag I've got.. (far form keeping docs huh??) but I love this bag.. it is different.. and its nottoo big, not too small .. its just nice

Sunday, June 14, 2009


i havent blog on movie reviews for quite some time. And recently we watched quite some movies.. mostly from dvds. And there's also outdoor movie recently :D which was a shock to my self that we finally manage to watch.. after almost 1.5 years no visit to the GSC :P

1. Syurga Cinta
Zahraa's first movie - I mean@ the cinema.. she sat quietly half of the movie, and the other she's busy climbing up and down the stairs. This story is simple and predictable..almost like any bad boy meets good girl story.. but the different is the script. they have a good script, that watching this, u'll get to learn something from it.

2. Jangan pandang belakang congkak
Also took zahraa to the movie.. but she screamed and cried..those sound effects scares her. So me made a deal.. taking half day off, and while Zahraa is at the nursery, we had a date to watch this. (the first ever date after Zahraa's arrival) THe movie is entertaining, ok la.. quite funny but none the scary of course. ots of songs and singing in between the plot

3. Confession of a shopaholic..
At last, last month i've wathced it... I am a fan of sophie kinsella and has all the shopaholic series (favorite: in manhattan and baby.. oh, and tie the knot too) I am quite disspointed with the movie..everything was cut short, and Becky didnt look as desperate, and as clumsy as she is the books. Reading the books I could laugh my heart out.. but watching the movie.. it was like.. 'errr..ok' dunno how to describe this. I could read the books again and again.. but for the movie - I think once is enough.

cant remember what we watched. mostly action movies of course. will continue this later then

Saturday, June 13, 2009

morning sickness: sign of high IQ baby

This started from Ehwal PErdana last Thursday nite. And the news seem to make my best freind happy :D .. i googled up and there's a lot about it actually!! The Ustaz have read all those luckily! Here's one of them, from NHS news.

Research suggests that “women who suffer morning sickness during pregnancy may be more likely to have a child with a high IQ”, The Daily Telegraph reported. It said that doctors believe babies’ development could be aided by the same hormones that make expectant mothers suffer nausea and vomiting. A study of mothers and children, the newspaper reported, found that children of mothers who experienced morning sickness were more likely to do better in intelligence tests.

The study this story is based on examined the effect of morning sickness on a child’s long-term neurodevelopment (the development of things like intelligence, behaviour, memory and attention) and what effect a drug for treating vomiting in pregnancy had on this.
One of its conclusions was that the severity of sickness is a significant predictor of higher IQ scores in children. Despite these claims, however, this would need to be proven in further research. In addition, the researchers’ theory that hormones might be involved would need to be tested in a study that actually measures these hormones.

Where did the story come from?

Dr Irena Nulman and colleagues from the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada carried out this research. The study was supported by Duchesnay, a pharmaceutical company that markets Diclectin, the drug tested in this study, and vitamin tablets for use in pregnancy.
The study was published in the peer-reviewed medical journal The Journal of Pediatrics.

What kind of scientific study was this?

The aim of this
cohort study was to determine the effects of mother’s nausea and vomiting during pregnancy (NVP) on the child’s long-term neurological development. The study also looked at the effect of the drug Diclectin on the child’s neurodevelopment. The researchers explain that in Canada the only approved drug for use in pregnancy to treat vomiting is Diclectin. This drug contains 10mg each of doxylamine (not available in the UK) and vitamin B6. Separately, these components are used worldwide to control NVP.

The participants were recruited from the Toronto Motherisk NVP telephone hotline. This is an information and counselling service for women and healthcare professionals that offers advice on NVP and treatment safety. Expectant mothers who called up were asked about the medication they took, their alcohol and tobacco intake and any other illnesses or complications of pregnancy they had experienced. They were also asked about the severity and duration of nausea and vomiting leading up to week 20 of their pregnancy. Weekly follow-up by phone documented the treatment (number of Diclectin tablets) and clinical presentation of NVP. The researchers also asked the mothers’ doctors for additional information. Women were interviewed six to nine months after childbirth about the delivery of their child and their child’s developmental milestones.

The callers identified by the database were grouped into three groups of mother–child pairs. One group had NVP treated with Diclectin. A second had NVP but did not take Diclectin. A third had no NVP and were calling for advice on something else.
Women with twins, those who drank alcohol and those who had other illnesses were excluded. Children were excluded if they had other causes of neurodevelopmental delay such as head injury. All mother–child pairs were matched for the mother’s age at conception, pregnancy duration and child age at testing.

Three to seven years later the women were contacted to discuss participation in the study and to schedule an appointment for assessment at the hospital. The children were assessed with a comprehensive battery of standardised, age-appropriate psychological tests, including measures of intelligence, selective neurocognitive abilities and behaviour, such as the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence–Revised test, picture and number memory tests and a Conner’s Parent Rating Scale for behaviour and attention.

Maternal IQ and socioeconomic status (SES) were also assessed during this visit, as these could be potential confounders to the child outcome measures.

What were the results of the study?

The researchers say that children of women with NVP had significantly higher nonverbal intelligence scores, but similar verbal intelligence scores to children whose mothers did not have NVP. Among the children exposed to NVP, 21% scored 130 or more on the IQ scale. This is significantly more than the population average of 100 and compares to 7% of children not exposed to NVP who attained this score.

All children scored in the normal range for IQ, with the group that was exposed to NVP scoring higher than the non-exposed group on performance IQ, tests of verbal fluency, auditory processing and numerical memory. Using statistical modelling the researchers found that the severity of NVP and maternal IQ predicted better results.

What interpretations did the researchers draw from these results?

The researchers say that NVP improves children's developmental outcomes and that the drug Diclectin does not appear to affect foetal brain development adversely and can be used to control NVP when clinically indicated.

What does the NHS Knowledge Service make of this study?

There are several points to note about this study, including:
Although children’s IQ was measured after the women were recruited to the study, this was a retrospective component to the study and has a potential for recall bias. The women were asked to recall some aspects of their pregnancy over the phone and their recall may not have been completely accurate.

The researchers used different versions of the assessment instruments, partly because the study spanned a period of several years, during which newer versions of two of the tests became available. This means that comparing the children's test results might lead to errors, such as significant differences when the children were not different.
The age range of the children when tested was wide (three to seven) so that it may not have been possible to take into account fully the effect of age on IQ.

The researchers found eight significant differences out of 90 possible comparisons and, despite statistical corrections, it is possible some of these differences may have occurred by chance.
This study has shown that exposure to the drug Diclectin did not adversely affect children’s cognitive abilities, which could be reassuring for parents. However, the claim that nausea and vomiting in pregnancy might enhance IQ is not proven by this study. The researchers’ theory that hormones might be involved would need to be tested by a study that actually measures these hormones.

So, hope all preggy mummies are now happier with you frequent visit to the toilet now..from now on, you can smile while vomiting . heheheh

Friday, June 12, 2009

colour direction 2009/2010

I attended a workshop by Nippon Paint last week @ EQ Penang. I had some great tips on interior design and mostly on colours.. So I shared with you all here some of the notes I took during the seminar


The CGM or color marketing group is a group of people that decide colours for marketing. They are so called-colour casters.

A trend colour has a lifecycle.
Evergreen colours are long term and never-end-trend.

For Asia Pacific, the ‘in’ colour in 2009 are Expresso colour, or brown with a green hint. For the list of colours in 2009/2009 Asia Pacific:

1. Brown with green tint – neutral colours – 151A
2. Yellow base brown – 5022T
3. Green brown, or a golden version of green – Aged Bronze – 132A
4. Grey or black with a purple tint – Turned earth 4203D
5. Field stone – natural taupe-beige – 4014T
6. Hush White- natural-taupe-beige or white with a tint of warm colours – a warmer white – OW221P
7. Knockout red – the classic imperial red – 261A
8. Lavender posy – lavender with the influence of pink – 6151P
9. Red bark – traditional brown with red base – 182A
10. Evergold – yellow-green crisp – 1033D
11. Meadow Daisy – in between yellow and orange – 251A
12. Fire princess – pink with orange tone – 7103D
13. Blue thunder – mineral colour blue – 202A
14. Pool side – clear brilliant blue – 1142T
15. Golden sage – brown influence green
16. Transition green – yellow base green


1. Red plus orange – coral, tomato, red bark
2. Range plus coral – a bit of pinky – colour of flamingo
3. Yellow-orange base – golden
4. Green – with yellow base and olive green
5. Blue – clearer blue, lighter blue and peacock blue
6. Purple – red base purple, more to violet shade
7. Brown – yellow base brown

2010 colours

1. Clay vessel 4092T
2. Dark chestnut 4173D
3. Bradford brown 4193D
4. Stoker gray 4243D
5. Swan wing OW11P
6. English rose 232A
7. Drama red 271A
8. Cotillion red 263A
9. Melted butter 7051P
10. Plum Jam 5172T
11. Narjavo Turqoise 41A
12. Blue purple 244A
13. Porcelain blue 241A
14. Citreous vind 14A
15. Sandle tan 3032D
16. Evening pool 74A
17. Green trail 3104T
18. Goldsmith 7052T

Sorry i cant get the colour here.. just the name of it

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

zahraa naik kelas!!!

Zahraa is now 16 months and she's now in the toddler class!!!! She seems to be very happy and enjoy her school days more now. She is now sitted in a class with other toddlers, aged in between 1.5 - 2.5 years old. Every time we mentioned 'school', she'll go straight to where her shoes are, and head to the door. Maybe this class is more interesting than the baby room; and she got to eat by herself now.. (good new for mummy!! no need to prepare congee anymore!!)

So here's a picture of Zahraa's first ever art work!! (Abah says: iye ke zahraa buat ni....???)

Today, at 7.40pm.. she's already sleeping.. seems like school is now tiring :d

new addition to the shoe rack

Zahraa now her own flip flop sandal a.k.a slipper .. :P (haa tka payah main selipar mak tam dah yaa) Now, its easier for her to go to school everyday.. Since her shoes are now too tight for her, and mummy refuse to use that oskosh maryjane there you go.. the green ipenama baby it is :D (yeah. green yellow again.. just like that dora crocs)

Monday, June 8, 2009

favourite colour rank

I've been to a colour seminar/workshop organised by Nippon Paint last wednesday and we ha d a great time here.. from it, we were exposed to the favorite colour research result...

Favourite colour rank :

Black and white
White and grey

So whats your favourite colour????? (err.. I voted for green.. Mye must have had a good laugh)

GBI certified paint

Another tips to those who wants to have a green building.. paint them with Nippon Paint (amboi.. mcm iklan je bunyinya.. ) Recently I just knew that Nippon Paint was certified with Malaysia's Green Building Index and Singapore's Green Label, due to the less chemical in their paint component..

So lets Go Green people!!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

The right bag for your body??

Do you that it is more than brand and trend that should guide you through getting the right handbag for you?? The most important thing to consider is actually your precious body!!!! Here are some guide how to choose the right handbag for your body shape

From says:

Big Busts and Big Shoulders

Women with large breasts and heavy shoulders should avoid carrying short-handled bags that finish around the bust area, as this only serves to accentuate your breasts and shoulders more. Go for a longer length finishing around your middle, or a clutch purse which is carried in your hand.

Wide Waist, Big Hips or Large Stomachs

Choose a bag which finishes at the upper torso, just under the arm, rather than around your middle. You want to draw eyes away from your thick waist and hips but deflecting attention elsewhere! “Any bag which falls at your widest part will make you appear dumpy,” says Jacqui Ripley, author of The Makeover Book,(Piatkus 2004),

Large Frame

Try to avoid carrying a tiny bag, as this only serve to make you look bigger. Choose a more tailored bag, which will give definition and go for a medium to large size. Clutch purses are fine provided they are oversized. Says Ripley, “If you’re statuesque, a tiny bag can make you look like a giant.”

Bony or Tall Frame

Avoid long skinny-style bags. Counterbalance your figure with something broad, slouchy or unstructured such as a Hobo type.

Short Frame

Go for something long and lanky to provide height such as a small saddle bag type. Avoid wide, oversized tote bags which will only make you look shorter.
As a general rule, select a bag shape that is in contrast to your body type. Voluptuous or curvy women would do well to choose a rectangular, longer shape, whereas a tall, willowy, slim figure would be better off going for a slouchy, rounded one. If size-zero celebrities like Victoria Beckham can get away with wearing the latest fashion trend in oversized Birkin bags, then if you are slight and petite, so can you!

If you want to flatter your waist then choose a bag that finishes around this part of your torso. If you want to draw attention to your bust, shoulders or neck then go for a short-handled baguette bag type or an underarm clutch.

Lastly don’t be afraid to try bags on before buying. It is important that you see how well it flatters your figure.
if (document.getElementById('inline_ads'))
document.getElementById('inline_ads').innerHTML = document.getElementById('inline_ads_hidden').innerHTML;
The copyright of the article The Right Bag for Your Body Type in Handbags/Luggage is owned by Gill Hart. Permission to republish The Right Bag for Your Body Type in print or online must be granted by the author in writing.

And from says :

If you are slim and tall-

You are lucky! Being tall and slim allows you to get away with most purse styles. Oversize bags, shoulder bags and clutch bags will all look great. The only thing you really need to watch is the size of the handbag you choose. Small bags should be avoided as they will make you look bigger. Mid size purses, large, floppy or bulky handbags are best. Bright colors, prints and patterns are okay, too.

If you are short and petite-

The most important thing to watch for as a petite girl is the size of the bag you choose. A good rule of thumb is to remember proportion. Small bags work well for small girls. Choose small bags and wear them close to your body type.

If your hips are large-

If you wish to draw attention away from the hop area try a shoulder bag. Choose one with a short strap. The purse can be tucked easily under the arm. The best look for you is a shoulder bag or a hobo bag that hangs slightly but ends well above the hip area.

If you are top heavy-

If you are generously endowed on the upper half of your body you will probably want to draw attention away from your bosom or waist. A messenger bag or an handbag is a good choice for your body type. If you really want a shoulder bag try one that has a long strap and is fairly large in size. Many of our fabric bags can be customized to a larger or smaller size to suit your preference.

If you have great curves-

A shoulder bag that ends just above the waist is the most flattering style for you. The only type of bags that you will want to avoid are the ones that are either really big or really small. A custom bag is also an option if you want a certain size or fabric.

If you are a plus size-

Most any of our fabric bags can be made into any size that you prefer. Just tell us the dimensions and strap length, and we are happy to make your purse just the way you want it. Any medium-sized style of bag that is wider in width like a Hobo purse will suit you best.

brags about bags

from top left : Jimmy Choo, Moschino, Selvatore Ferragamo, Stella Mccartney, Salt Medallion, Luella, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacob
There are so many handbags in the market and on the net.. but why is it so hard to choose just one bag??? I am one of those.. I am no bag-o-holics.. but I do love to browse on bags. I never own the 'ultimate' handbag in my life.. either of them would be too rugged, too oldies, wrong colour, too big, too short handle and bla bla bla.. Maybe because I never really 'invested' to a bag that I really really in love with. Normally I just grab whatever in my budget, or its on 50% discount, and what not. What actually ladies look in handbag???

To me, the criteria that I looked into a handbag:

1. I wont get a clutch

2. The straps - it should be just nice, not too long, not to short..comfortable shoulder strap

3. Size - size various to what the handbag is for.. for shopping purpose: it should be big enough to take in my stuffs and Zahraa's stuff and the famous sling. For work - it depends.. as long as it could fit an organizer or diary and stationaries. For function - small, just enough for wallet, camera and handphone

4. Brand - ????? I dont really go for brand .. e.g : I am a Prada girl.. no no.. I would take anything (but if possibel not LV) I dont mind wearing the not-in-trend bag as well or not-so-famous bag as long as it doesnt says 'beg cap ping pong'

5. Authenticity - ???? I dont give a damn.. I dont mind wearing the replica or the original bag.. I knew some ladies that would go..'ha???? tiruan.. malunya nak pakai.... kalau orang tua nanti camana' wel.. of course la orang tau kan.. (takkan la si zura tu mampu kot beg 5 ribu) hahahahha

6. Shape - I do care for shapes.. i dont like those saddle shape bags. I notice that most of my bags are either squarish, rectangular in shape. I might wanna try other shape.. but usually my eyes doenst falls on those

7. Style - Style as in casual, chic, formal, classy, vintage, whatever. I would choose for mmmm.. I've been craving for those rugged chic handbags, but I knowwww that my husband dont like those :P. heheh so I would go for a-play-safe style .. either casual.. can use it for whatever case :P

8. Style - oh.. as in tote, clutch, shoulder.. you mean??? I would go for shoulder, definitely

9. Colour - I love colours!!! I dont mind wearing unique colour and non-the-norm. But usually when I shop either friends or Zahrein would say 'ha?? takkan nak pakai kaler tu.. susah macthing la..' or 'ish.. berani ke nak pakai merah ni???' at last I played safe tooo... :P So far I had brown, black, colourful patchworks and ivory (not yet dare for white)

10. And of course price - I am totally not investing in thousand of ringgit bags

Cureently I am looking for going to work bag, that could be drag to meeting, seminars and conference too.... (erghhh susahnya nak pilih)

Lets drool for some pics okay. From Left to right: Alexis Hudson, Antik Abtik Mugu, Bulga butterfly, Alexander McQueen and Celine

These are mong that I like.. halloooo of course I am not buying one of these :P .. inmy dreams.. hahahha just drool ok.. i thougt net-a-porter drove ladies crazy.. but I think Shopstyle could have got ladies gone mad :P!!! LOLs

Thursday, June 4, 2009

miss abaya

Oh no!!!! has new abayas coming in!!! oh tidakkkkkkkkkkk cant resist.. (halo halo.. baju kat tailor tu nanti saper nak bayar???????)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

new shoes!!!

This is Zahraa new shoe!! A birthday present from Aunty Naa.... Thank aunty!! Zahraa loves this!! eventhough it is a bit big, but she loves to wear it around the house

zahraa's new amusement

After 3 weeks been attached to the drawing board. I need something else to keep her busy.. and this seems to be her next top amusement.. okay.. for now......


Get this at Jusco @ Rm 14.90

Monday, June 1, 2009


And yesterday she said cheetah.. out of all the animal flash cards.. the only word she follow is ... cheeeetahhhh :D
love to hear her saying it again and again

isu memakai kulit babi?

What? there's an issue on this? I thought it is well known that pigs are haram for Muslim.. dan dijelaskan babi dan segala keturunannya adalah haram.. meaning.. kalau babi dikahwinkan dengan lembu.. and they got a 'lembi'.. it is still considered haram..

So here's a web, soal jawab agama, and here's the piggy related answers

So I hope this wouldnt be an issue anymore.. anyway there's many more things to be worn.. why not wear others then......