Tuesday, June 9, 2009

zahraa naik kelas!!!

Zahraa is now 16 months and she's now in the toddler class!!!! She seems to be very happy and enjoy her school days more now. She is now sitted in a class with other toddlers, aged in between 1.5 - 2.5 years old. Every time we mentioned 'school', she'll go straight to where her shoes are, and head to the door. Maybe this class is more interesting than the baby room; and she got to eat by herself now.. (good new for mummy!! no need to prepare congee anymore!!)

So here's a picture of Zahraa's first ever art work!! (Abah says: iye ke zahraa buat ni....???)

Today, at 7.40pm.. she's already sleeping.. seems like school is now tiring :d


Drama Mama said...

haha enjoying class so much now eh, good for her. and she can eat by herself!!! bestnyaaa...i wish i'm patient enough to let irfan eat by himself and clean up after him..tapi aku adalah malassss sigh

ZOORA said...

i cant stand mess too!!! kat rumah i didnt give her, her own glass or cup. And i sometimes still feed her.. at school, they clean up and everytime.. i seriously cant do that