Thursday, July 23, 2009

thinking of.....

Hmm since I am now 3 months.. i started to think, I might start to think of the things i shud get for the lil one.. since zahraa's stuffs seems still new, LO might use her bathing stuff, clothes, cot and some other stuff..
I am thinking of getting some cloth diapers.. sling (uhuk. uhuk. uhuk..) breastpump, milk storage bottles (some are still with Su) and.. hmm what else.. where was that baby list again???
any suggestion what else shud i prepare?? oh yeah.. we need to get Zahraa a new place to sleep, as the cot will be passed on later...

Poor no 2 baby, I am so busy with Zahraa, sometimes I have forgotten there's another being in my belly that needs attention too.. Last time, all i was thinking about all day was the baby in me.. but not Zahraa fills the day!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

air asia - worst experience

We were suppose to fly back at 4.30pm.. then we got an sms saying it will be delayed till 5.30pm.. yyup, as air asia always did. When we arrived at the LCCT, it was packed full of people, and the check in took almost 1 hour!! what a slow service, and what an uncomfortable place to wait. It is full, and very every noisy!!! Felt like vomiting while waiting. I was glad when the check in was done...

But!!!! It was not a happy drama that day.. we had to wait in the departure hall until 7 pm!!!! the hall was damn packed, people are sitting on the floor. Poor zahraa, she was so board, she ran here and there, entertaining herself.. and poor Zahrein, had to chase for her all the way. She gets hungry too, poor her. From the departure hall to the aircraft was a very long way.. and i could say it is winding too!!! You might end up in a plane to Sandakan!!!! And there's people arriving too!!! We might get lost if we didnt keep on asking people around..

On the plane, everyone was mad, and the crews does not do much to calm people down.. they dont even offer complementary drinks!!!!! If the journey took 8 hours, then its ok to be stuck at the airport for 3 hours.. but this is just a 40 minute flight!!!1 Ridiculous!!!!

No thumbs up to Air Asia this time

azwan's wedding

We went back to Kl last weekend, to attend Azwan's (zahrein's freind) wedding, held at SUK Shah Alam. It was also attended by Tuanku Agung and Tuanku Permaisuri Agung!!! The bride and groom looks gorgeous in green, and the royal couple shines in orange. I thought its gonna be royalty-protocol-or at least-very formal wedding.. but its not at all. The announcement was only made for the arrival of Tuanku and the newly wed. The other VIPs was just as the same as us all.. I mean no special service or seat. It a simple wedding, a cozy one. only 4 couples did the merenjis (the royal, dipertuan Sabah and parents) I am glad for that.. heheh i tot we had to wait for all the honorable guests to did the merenjis .. hehe.. Entertainment was also made simple, Dato Juli Sudiro was there and Maria Menado sang a piece, requested by Tuanku Agung..and I enjoyed the Gamelan played at the beginning and the end of the ceremony.

Oh, whos' the groom? He wors for the King, in the Istana Negara, if i'm not mistaken he's one of those 'pegawai istana'. Remember our King was in the national geography last time? filmed for the 'pertabalan' ceremony?? he was in it, one of the officers that made all the arrangements.

And the peak of the night is when i did shake hands with the Tuanku Permaisuri.. heheheheh (kak mawar jangan jeles ya.... ) She was totally amazingly pretty In real life. She blooms among others. and yes, she looks very young. Oh.. no pictures of this... throw the camera to the side when she passes.. hahahaha

i'll load in the pics - whatever we could get that night okay.. later :P

Thursday, July 16, 2009

safe toys

Children toys to follow safety standards
16/07/2009 12:10am

KUALA LUMPUR July 15 — Effective January next year, all children’s toys whether produced here or imported have to follow set safety standards said Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

He said the regulation had been approved by the Cabinet today.

“There was no such regulation before. That meant that if there was an unfortunate incident involving children no one would be responsible. Kids are exposed to toys not knowing if they are dangerous,” he said when he was interviewed on the Helo Malaysia programme over Bernama TV here today.

According to him manufacturers or importers would send a sample of the toys to Sirim Berhad to be inspected before being sent to his ministry for an authencity mark that said it met the set standard.

“Those with no stamp...those are either imitations or not legal. Whoever buys those and there is an incident, no one will be responsible,” said Ismail Sabri.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

colouring tips

Oh.. i tot i already post this entry.. its not posted rupanya... ok.. to help those who might need them.. here's colouring tips

Attributes of colour

1. Hue
2. Value – lighter or darker (high value: white tint, low value: black tint)
3. Chroma/saturation – clean or dirtiness of a colour

New info :

Metamerism – A pair of colour that do not match in different light

Colours jumps out more on black compared to on white background. This is called simultaneous contrast

Colours always takes effect of the opposite colour tint. For example, put a red sofa against a grey wall, the grey wall will have a bluish tint (blue is the opposite of red in the colour wheel)

Colour and spaces

1. Meeting and conference room – warm colour – stimulate activities
2. Spa – deep lavender, blue – relaxing colours
3. Dining – deep purple
4. Restaurants – orange and warms colours – stimulate appetite
5. Bedrooms- relaxing colours

Colour tips

- Green and brown is always a good combination for interior
- Red colour increase 15% of human’s heart beat, and it increase speed
- Yellow- too much of yellow cause fatigue because it is the brightest colour human can identify
- Brown – a down to earth colour – match with almost everything
- Black, white and grey – contemporary colours, shows simple statement with pristine feel

How to choose colour concept?

1. First, choose a colour as a starting point
2. Second, choose a scheme

Colour schemes:

1. Monochromatic : colours that in the same group, but different hue. Such as white, navy blue, light blue, dark blue. This scheme is a never go wrong colour concept
2. Complementary colour : 2 colours of the opposite sites in the colour wheel. Such as green and red
3. Adjacent colours : Colours from the neighboring slot in the colour wheel. Such as yellow, orange, red
4. Triadic colours : 90 degree colour from the wheel. Such as blue and green

Thursday, July 9, 2009

second time wont be the same

Yes, world.. I am now pregnant. Alhamdulillah.. this is a gift to us. A bless. But this is still at an early stage, just 9 weeks going 10. Hope friends and families will pray together with us, may I and and the tiny being inside is healthy.

It is totally a different drama now. Last time, at 6 weeks, I was vomiting like a crazy women, and fell asleep anywhere anytime, even by the roadside. That was an experience I had, when I had Zahraa.. This time, I am hungry almost all the times. I never vomit even once yet, just feeling nausea (this time I tell myself, dont vomit, dont no fun at all and the psycho works..hahaha) But its the same fatigue, body ache.. and discomfort you know where, bad appetite (even tho hungry???) But this time, I dont think I lost any weight, like last pregnancy. In fact I think I'm healthy and 'ballooning' hahahhaah (hubby used the term I'm 'growing' :P )

During the first pregnancy, I had all the time to rest.. as much as I needed. To sleep as early as 8 helped a lot, and to sleep on weekends was a total bless. But, being pregnant with a hyper 17 months dotter makes me feel helpless...:P. I cant have all the rest I wanted, (even hubby had helped to ease me, as much as he could) and I have to wrestle with he as well.. leaving me out of energy at the end of the day. Since we knew I got pregnant again, zahraa has been a different girl.. she's a super-cant-sit-still lil girl. She's always climbing on something (even on me) and she started to request for so many things. She running here and there even in the house, and she wants attention at all times. Maybe she realized that she had another 7 months to conquer mama and abah. :P

But in the other hands, it might be something positive too, being preoccupied with Zahraa all the times. That leave me no time to worry, no time to layan myself with the morning sickness, and simply no time to feel sick. What I know, I have to be up and running every morning, as usual, pregnant or not.

Hope I'll be stronger in the coming weeks. So that nothing change much for Zahraa to notice, and so that our home to keep on 'alive'. Hope Allah be with me thru this.. amin

By the way, I'm excited!!1 Its gonna be 2010 baby!!! :D Zahraa's birthday is 08.02.08 .. hmmm how does 20.01.2010 look??? hahahahahahah kidding

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the reasons

ha??? no post recently?? some friends claimed new entry.. haha sorry dearie... lama tak tulis blog.. first of all, I'm kinda boring.. coz I cant post pictures at the office.. and at home, I'm too tired to switch on the pc.. plus Zahraa will never let me use it. Secondly, I'm just got back from KL.. so still tired of it..

and last but not least.. I am just so tired to think!!! :P

okay okay.. will write something better soon

Good bye michael

At last the day comes..where the whole world says goodbye to Michel Jackson. His memorial was held great and been watched throughout the world last nite (of course I dint watch, just catch up glimpse thru the net) His death was a shocking one, and his memorial was so emotional. Me myself actually cant believe that he is gone. Actually, he has been out of action for quite sometime, but he seems to always be there to me. That is what an icon is, I think. But I am sure that he's just gone in life and time, but in everyone heart, and in the industry itself.. there's always be Michael Jackson, a non-replaceable King of Pop.

I am sure after this, there's be numerous of look-a-like hunt, Michael wannabe, and a biography movie about him. But one that is sure is, the rise of his kids, which has been kept in veil for years. Now they've some to surface, and the whole world want to know how was is been living with Michael.. and how was it being without Michael. Hope those kids have the faith to be strong, to be famous at young age just like their father ( I pity Blanket.. he seems lost during the memorial.. )

But! Is is true that Michael will be buried as a Muslim as claimed? I really want to see a picture, or a video to prove this.