Tuesday, July 21, 2009

azwan's wedding

We went back to Kl last weekend, to attend Azwan's (zahrein's freind) wedding, held at SUK Shah Alam. It was also attended by Tuanku Agung and Tuanku Permaisuri Agung!!! The bride and groom looks gorgeous in green, and the royal couple shines in orange. I thought its gonna be royalty-protocol-or at least-very formal wedding.. but its not at all. The announcement was only made for the arrival of Tuanku and the newly wed. The other VIPs was just as the same as us all.. I mean no special service or seat. It a simple wedding, a cozy one. only 4 couples did the merenjis (the royal, dipertuan Sabah and parents) I am glad for that.. heheh i tot we had to wait for all the honorable guests to did the merenjis .. hehe.. Entertainment was also made simple, Dato Juli Sudiro was there and Maria Menado sang a piece, requested by Tuanku Agung..and I enjoyed the Gamelan played at the beginning and the end of the ceremony.

Oh, whos' the groom? He wors for the King, in the Istana Negara, if i'm not mistaken he's one of those 'pegawai istana'. Remember our King was in the national geography last time? filmed for the 'pertabalan' ceremony?? he was in it, one of the officers that made all the arrangements.

And the peak of the night is when i did shake hands with the Tuanku Permaisuri.. heheheheh (kak mawar jangan jeles ya.... ) She was totally amazingly pretty In real life. She blooms among others. and yes, she looks very young. Oh.. no pictures of this... throw the camera to the side when she passes.. hahahaha

i'll load in the pics - whatever we could get that night okay.. later :P


Drama Mama said...

nak tengok gambo!! mesti menarik nih...

i attended (my cousin's) wedding with PM and Agong as the VVIP as well like years ago, but heck memang protokol gila, penat. had to wait for so long to eat, but i curi2 makan jugak wakakakaka

ZOORA said...

Tu la!! i was suprised to see this one is so cool.. rasanya yg ada enteri lagi teruk ikut protokol dari royalty.. kalau menteri2 ni.. susually they announce all vvip yg sampai.. tapi kalau ada royal.. announce top ones only