Monday, August 3, 2009

1 week off

yup.. you got it right.. nothing wrong with the server and what not.. its not the template fault either.. I have not been writing any entry, nor had a peek to this blog for a week!!!! I was caught with conjunctivitis (is that how you spell it?) last week... and was on MC for 4 days!!! who could get MC that long, rite??? And to add in the fun.. Zahrein had it too!!! Both of us, hubby and wife, went to the clinic to nag to the doctor, and he simply said : "Both of you????"

Hahaahah.. that was really funny (at least we think so) so both stuck at home.

How??? it all started with Zahraa of course. The red eye thing struck her school.. 7 kids got it. At last she had it too.. But her's wasn't that bad. It was cleared after 2 days. And a day after dad, mama and abah were in trouble.

So the two of us spend time at home, like a newly wed again (except zahrein had to work, still, from home.. ) And I had a really good rest, a good time reading my book..

And so, I am announcing : I am back in the game :D


kayla said...

welcome back :) and glad to hear u r better now from sakit mata, alhamdulillah...

Drama Mama said...

welcome back! ingatkan the preggy mum got tired of blogging d. :-p i'm sure u got a lot of things to blog about kan, so shoot!

ZOORA said...

hahahah thanks gurls.. hari tu tak de mood langsung nak bukak pc pun... :P
hope you'll stay tune here for my craps