Friday, August 21, 2009

2 weeks mc

Today is the last day of my Medical Leave.. today i'm having a check up with my gynea.. to see how it goes.. then on Monday I'll be back for work!! uwaaa!!!!!!

Things has been.. hmm sweet and sour....hahahah what shud I say...

What I enjoyed most:

1. can clean the house.. basuh baju.. the laundry basket seems empty every day ... not as usual.. sampai weekend dah nak melimpah dah
2. i can watch house every day !!! yippie
3. i can recite quran a bit after zohor.. kalau kat ofis.. kalut je solat cepat2
4. i spent time dgn zahraa :D
5. sleep, sleep, sleep...
6. i could read buku Ali bin Abi Talib yang menyentuh hati tanpa gangguan dari budak kecik yang ku sayangi itu
7. i can surf the net (even tak sempat pun na buat every day) tanoa sorok2 dari budak kecik itu juga
8. went doing grocery yesterday.. tak de org kat giant.. then ptg recce butik.. wah menarik.. sounds like an interesting housewifey life .. ahaks!!!
9. since Ramadhan is coming I can prepare a few things towards it
10. I could skipped office gossip yang tak perlu ku tahu.. heheh kurang sket dosa ku..
11. along dtg and lepak with me in some of the days.. even kejap pun ok la tu..

what i've missed in this 2 weeks off

1. breakfast kat office with the ladies
2. jokes in the office
3. jualan langsung kat office
4. lepak with mummies in the nursery
5. huhuhu.. kelas agama tiap jumaat tu la....
6. Gossip yang ingin di dengar
7. chatting

yang tak berapa best in this 2 weeks

1. sometimes i ran out of idea what to eat!!!
2. cuti in KL is not so enjoyable to me
3. byk sgt rehat sampai sakit kepala!!!!
4. hmm tak boleh solat for sometime, so duduk rumah tanpa ibadah utama itu membuat perasaan jauh dari Tuhan.. and then mula la rasa depress.. tension and lonely
5. duduk sorang.. mana best maaaaa

ada lagi?? ada kot.. tak ingat.. heheh .. but, however, i'm gonna missed this 2 weeks!!! its totally different than confinement.. in confinement, you'll be busy with the baby .. but this one.. i've been busy .. thinking.. err.. eh???

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