Tuesday, August 4, 2009

baby daania inara

baby Daania Inara, daughter of my best friend, Whooda, had a fractured skull at this moment. The neurosurgeon suggested a close observation on her in order to diagnose further. At this moment, her mum and dad is at by her side, caring for their 10 months olds baby.

I hope all my friends and every reader could put our hands togehter, praying for Lil Daania to get well hope. Lets pray for the best, hoping the fracture will recover soon, without any serious condition we never hope for.


Drama Mama said...

ermmm...ur breast friend? btw, kesian sangat, condition due to what? semoga baby daania cemat sembuh

ZOORA said...

oops.. that what happen when youre on ebay all day eyeing on breast pumps :P

Drama Mama said...

hahaha tu la..aku ingatkan that's a new term BREAST FRIEND and aku je taktau *lol*