Thursday, August 27, 2009

flaming black pepper beef

This is what the flaming black pepper beef looks like - the one I mentioned the other day. I took this recipe from Rasa Halal Orient Xian - at least watching tv pays this time :P

How to prepare this dish.

1. Fry the beef in hot oil. The beef was cut into thin slices so that it will cook fast.
2. After the beef was cooked well, put in sliced onions
3. Then put in chopped garlic and ginger
4. Then put in dried chillies
5. Then put in french beans (in the original recipe they in leek)
6. Then put in capsicum. Then put in salt, and pepper and soy sauce

And then, taraaaaa you all can serve family and husband dearieeee

This is very simple but tastes nice - its flaming hot!!!! If its for kids, put less dried chillies and black pepper.


Drama Mama said...

zoora dried chillies takyah pecah2kan ya? macam sedap ni, nak gi beli beef!

ZOORA said...

pecah2.. tapi yg aku beli tu di amcm cili kecik.. so aku buh sajer

kayla said...

eeeiii nak try gak nak try gak! aku suka rasa2 black pepper ni... (that's y i suka sangat prosperity burger). tapi kata caoi satgi panaih perut! haha.. tak kira.. nak buat jugak nnt. zoora, u guna pepper powder or guna black pepper yg mcm sebijik2 tu?

ZOORA said...

guna pepper powder.. and u know what.. this is flaming!!! really.. it suits masa cuaca sejuk.. kat xian kan sejuk, so diorang selalu mkn bende2 yg ada black pepper.. kalau nak berkuah sket lagi .. masuk la soy sauce tu byk sket