Friday, August 21, 2009

how are you

Salam all.. havent been writing for some time.. miss me? hehe I went back to KL last week.. quite a long trip but seems to be a short one.. we arrived Thursday nite, and was back again monday eve.
I could say that the trip back was.. hmm ... filled with rests.. :P Not restless as usual :P. This time, no trip to Munawarah, no trip to De Zahra.

On Friday, Zahrein had to work .. so I just played with Zahraa and sleep, and sleep and eat. On Saturday we had a family gathering, where a tazkirah was given and doa selamat was recited for the whole family. Mak Long and Mak Lah are going to umrah during 3rd week of ramadhan, and Zahrein's cousins are going to France, Mesir and Japan to further studies.. It was a great gesture of Pak Kassim to give us all tazkirah, as he said it was his duties to pass knowledge to the whole family. Thank you very much Pak Kassim.. I never had this in my family before.. normally its just tahlil and baca Yassin.
That eve was Kak Mins' graduation - which was THE main reason we got back home. But they were all doctors and Kak Min said, its quite dangerous for the kids to go, as the H1N1 was on the max. So I stayed home with the kids - slept again, and read books and just some boring stuff.
Well, the night waz a bit fun - the dinner for Kak Min (she's treating :P) It was cool and fun. (wah.. Kak min dpt hadiah hangbad Atienne aigner)

Sunday!!!! Yes!!! Zahrein brought me to Jln TAR!!! We need to get some books - we bought more of the Novel Pahlawan Series from the PTS, writer Abdul Latip .. the one who wrote Ikramah and Tariq that I told you all before.... we got 3 new ones. Zahrein got a few baju melayu for terawikh, and a new sampin again :P (looks like he made the CEO of Jakel his best freind now) and I had a new ready made baju kurung - to match with Zahrein's new baju melayu - Jakel is now selling ready made baju kurung!!!!!

But still- baju raya and kasut for Zahraa - tak dpt lagi!!! huhuhu.. why is it difficult to get an orange dress (saper la suruh pilih kaler yg susah2) Monday - was at the Curve for a short visit - a-must-go place for us. To have lunch and get Zahra's clothes at brands outlet sale - my fav store.

And so we're back to life again... in Penang... till raya


Drama Mama said...

oh i miss jalan TAR!!!

Drama Mama said...

oh zoora! theme color this year orange lah yer! hehe..aku punya theme this year mix and match wakakkaa

ZOORA said...

patutnya blue kaler.. dah siap dah mei hari tu .. sekali utk wedding cousin.. tapi tup tup zack beli plak baju oren.. tak aci la.. kami pun nak jugak set baju oren .. sibuk je aku kan..heheheheh