Tuesday, August 25, 2009

preparing for ramadhan

Usually, my preparation of ramadhan are mostly about cleaning and keeping food stock. last year i didnt keep so many stock, as I dont really cook, with that lil girl who's had always been hanging to me, Zahrein said pass that cooking chores. Zahrein told me the same this year, but I said I could do it. Simple ones will do, but I want to some of the times.

So i decided I will cook during weekends, and for sahur. Since I was on mc last week, I make a difference and make a huge preparation. I went to do some groceries, on Thursday morning. The earliest to arrive at Giant. Its nice to shop with the mart being empty. On Friday, I started cooking.

I made my husband's favorite chicken curry, flaming beef balck pepper, some ayam masak kicap for zahraa. And on Saturday I made ayam-rendang-my way, (I dont have a name for this self made recipe). I froze some of the stock, keep in frridge some. And fry pappadam and keropok, full in the tupperware!! I will cook vegetables freshly before each meal.

I thought I am cooking a lot, but it seems to finish in just 3 days!!!! The pappadam finished in 2 days!

Seems like it shouldnt be called stock at all. Today, I am out idea what to prepare for sahur.. sardine???????

And seems like I have to do some groceries again - this time I dont want to it alone anymore.


mye said...

aku tiru ngkau. aku masak kari ayam utk stok 3 kali makan sahur bersama roti phrata kawan. hehe. setakat ni tak berusik lagi kari tu. dok makan benda lain pulak time sahur.

CuppyCakeMommy said...

very2 the rajin ..i beli je utk bukan..baby dah ada ni lgai susah nak buat kerja..sahur je masak simple2

Drama Mama said...

zoora, ur flaming hot black pepper beef sounds yummy! haaa masak banyak2 kejap ja abeh? hehe

u remind me that i haf pappadom to fry, thanks!

ZOORA said...

flaming balck pepper tu aku tiru resepi yang rasa halal orient xian tu.. sedap juga la.. tapi mmg flaming sehhhhh...

aah la mye.. makan ngan roti canai kawan sedap kan.. hmm

yup, cuppy cup mummy.. ada baby mmg la susah sket.. yng dah besar ni lagiii susah.. nak main tekan2 dapur tu pulak.. hari tu boleh amsak sbb i mc and dia pergi nursery.. kalau tak. nak duduk kat lebih dari 20 minit pun susah