Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the dish that i missed

Today is 11 Ramadhan, 12th now as we speak. we are moving closer to the mid.. feels like its just yesterday we started puasa rite??? I feel tired today, and think I need to lie down earlier tonight. I finished my terawikh early, and Zahraa is now used to the 'long-prayers' I'm doing... it has been 4 days she fell asleep while waiting for me to finish.

Today, we ate the beef kurma I prepared yesterday (its the longest dish to finish.. erghhh.. I will do it again.. ermm sometime maybe in 6 months time I think - but - no pictures.. lupa nak ambik) and we ate the dish that I missed making, and having : The steamed siakap!! I love this dish.. its healthy, easy to prepare, and delicious :D and its a never-could-go-wrong-dish (or should we call, play safe?) Alhamdulillah.. ini rezeki hari ini.

Terung masak cili..

The siakap before steaming

Siakap selepas di serang

I'm out of asam jawa, so, it is replaced with this kicap asam


Drama Mama said...

oh zoora kicap asam is my fave slalu buat bulan puasa ni. hehe

steamed siakap looking delicious nyum nyum! hey, what kurma did u make? kalau ayam or telur sekejap ja aku buat, tapi if beef memang lah lama nak merebusnya tsk tsk tsk

ZOORA said...

tu la. aku rasa nanti kalau dah adhoc sgt, mmg kicap asam je la lain kali nampaknya.. kurma dagin.. tu la yg lama sgt tu .. huhuhuh aku dah try dah petus yg masuk air and tunggu sampai kering.. empuk dah ok.. tapi lepas masuk santan tu lama pulak nak pecah minyak. tensen. betul la.. lainkali aku buat telur je