Tuesday, September 15, 2009

kuih raya

Kuih raya starts to meet their buyer yesterday.. I've got mine too. This year I dindt buy as much as last year.. tak laku kuih last year.. this year I bought

1. Tempeyek
2. Kuih tart - Zahrein's favorite
3. Sweet princess (mcm semprit bunga cina) - my favourite
4. Cupcake - request by mom in law
5. Kuih kapit - Mom in law's favorite

And additionally, I ordered kuah kacang. Kuih kacang was my mom's specialties - I never try making them. Maybe I should one day.

And back in KL, I ordered Kek lapis Sarawak, some Muffins and Brownies - but all those are for my MIL.

hmm.. i make NONE kuih raya. I never made kuih raya, except those made together with along. Maybe I wil try making some - after I own miwer, oven, and some other stuff :D Hehehehe

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