Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the matching outfit

Since Zahraa was little, I really wanted to have a matching outfit with her. And have been googling for mother-daughter matching dress some time after another (quite pathetic dowh) At last I had it this year!!!! We made same baju kurung!!! I love this cotton very very much. .. love the pattern and love the softness. It is very comfortable to wear.

Zahraa's baju was made by Zahrein's Mak Yung... she was once doing kids clothes business, dresses she sew on her own. Thats her brand tag, on Zahraa's baju kurung.

So this is how we look (erghhh. this is the only good picture-without me being good in it.. funny face huh????)


mye said...

wahhh...raya thn depan nak pakai mommy-daughter sedondon jugak lah (thn ni daughter sedondon dgn daddy). hehe.. comel!
zura, aku rasa zahraa ni combination muka both atok dia la, dont u think so?

ZOORA said...

maybe la.. belah zack ckp mcm tok ki dia.. and those who knew my dad ckp mcm my dad.. maybe la.. mix of them both.. at last you got it right of who does she looks like

shaferlicious said...

Now i wish i had a daughter too..wink!

ZOORA said...

aiza.. boleh jerrr.. usaha tangga kejayaan!!!! heheheh

Sakeenah said...

awwwww matching outfits that sooo cute! i wish naima and i had matching outfits that would be so cool!