Thursday, September 10, 2009

zahraa and siti

No, not Siti Nurhaliza of course.. Siti the cat. Siti lives with my in laws-she's the heart to everyone. Before me, she was Zahrein's girlfriend... hahahha .. kidding
Like every kids, Zahraa loves animals, and surely is crazy for this lil furry creature. When ever we went back to KL, Siti's life will be the most sour times ever - hahahahh- Zahraa follows her everywhere. Zahraa pulls her tail, pulls of her fur, and tries to poke her eyes. Once she even try poking Siti's mouth.

I said - poor lil Siti... (but she is not lil, rather a bit more than fat) she seems miserable with Zahraa around. Zahraa chased her too!! Poor Siti had to run (she rarely runs) I think once is Siti had bit her, then only Zahraa wil leave Siti alone,

There you go. Pictures.. so no 'bogel' entry this week :D


Drama Mama said...

cantiknya zahra in her dress! she looks grown up! haih. irfan zuka cat jugak tapi takut nak go near haha ikut mak dia :-p

ZOORA said...

besor baju tu.. aku suka sgt. beli jugak.. hahaha

aisha said...

comel ner zahra...zahra ada gendong si meow tu tak? ke takat ngekor jer?tak pernah kena cakar?

ZOORA said...

tak larat nak gendong.. gemookkk sgt si kucing tu.. dia nak alih ke tepi pun tak bergerak.. kena tarik ekorrrr