Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cloth diapering jouney at stake

Farrah wrote an entry about cloth diapering, which she had experienced for years. She made a point, where I totally agree. That was about CD saves money... Hmm so far, I dont think they really did - especially me who is not full time into it - still sending sposies to nursery. And about passing it thru siblings. We havent manage to get Zahraa any adik yet, but some of her CD seems cant be passed, or to be sold. Some of them has lost its absorbency, and some of them make bad smell when being used. So the only good thing about Cding is - saving the environment.

But there's one hiccup in CDing I couldnt make stop - the rashes - Zahraa could not wear Cd for a straight 7 days. She will sure ly get the rash. Its either to alternate, or to wear 1-3 times only a day. I have tried so many tips given, and use the famous angel baby bottom gel - but still, it happens. This really make me dissapointed in with CDs lately. I still have to buy sposies and use it on her, and seems like I dont really succeed in saving the environment. And dont succeed neither in saving money. I lost in this case!!

And I have to confess that sometimes I hate it, when there is so many things to do in the house, and I am so tired from work, and still I have to wash those CDs, esp those with poops.. The excitement has lost, and now-every time Zahraa poops, I'll say.. what?? again???? and I'll go erggghhh.. - in my heart -

And another confession - I have stop Cding Zahraa the week before I had the D&C, till now - I forgot to try again.


Drama Mama said...

i know it sounds very irresponsible if i say this, tapi i've never been pull to CDing coz

1) i hate the idea of having to wash that poopies sticking on thos diapers
2) i've got too many things to do at home and washing CD would definitely add to my burden
3) it seems costly for short term, kena beli banyak2

i'm not a persevere person kot that's why. memang respect lah mommies who are fully CDing their babies, respect sangat. respect ko jugak zoora, at least u tried for quite some time.

neeza said...

pendapat sy (yg mungkin berbeza dengan orang lain) cd mmg tahan untuk seorg anak shj - sbb made from kain and exposed to chemical (urea) each and evrytime usage.

thats why, i opt for cheaper cds made from china.. heheheh.. :D

mye said...

bab mencuci tu yg aku tak boleh nak terima lagi. skarang ni pun bila hujan siang pun dah tension sbb dah elok2 basuh & jemur baju pagi2 buta tadi. inikan pulak kalau CD yg tebal tu tak kering...sure tension.

apapun, aku telah register utk menensionkan diri sendiri..bought a couple of CDs this week (& that's it for my trial period). wish me luck. hehe (i'm doing this for you, mother earth. love ya.)

btw, i think rashes happens because CDs are more damp than sposies, no? wallahualam.

.~Dd Nor. said...

u are basically writing what i've been holding up for almost two months.

although i'm at the verge of giving up CD-ing, i force myself to keep on CD-ing 'occasionally' for the sake of CD stash that keep building up every mth.

what i'm doing and how i feel about CDing is completely contradict!

ZOORA said...

dramamama- yup. i tried for the love of the earth.. hmm but not sure sekuat mana cinta alam aku tu sekarang

mye-yup.. guess so, it is more damp, and thicker.. thanks for trying.. and i really hope your joyride is is great thru CDing.. many succeed tho

neeza - yes, i agree, cheap CD is great i think

Dd nor - oh, i am so glad i am not alone in this. its difficult to accept that, and to confess about all this. esp sbb dah spend byk kan.. kekdang terpaksa menyedapkan hati. but it really depend on one's lifestyle.. it took days to dry my Cd- so thats why i think its damn, and easy to give rash. and all the time they require form me..

Dayah said...

sama la Zoora,awai2 tu semangat gila. Shukrina pun asyik rashes ..mak ni tak larat dah nak boh sodium ka, ..makin malas rasanya..skg pakai weekn ja..kat BS pakai dispo

farrahar said...

Salam Zura!

Found your blog :).

On washing:
I started real early, when my son was still a newborn. I had very few stash back then, only enough for 1 day so I had to wash them when I reached home after work (not to mention other housework including the most dreaded washing pump parts and bottles and handling ebm) so I could use them again the next morning.

So what I did was I aimed to slowly increase my wash cycle from daily to 4-day wash cycle! That means I should have at least around 30 CDs in hand. I did that very slowly, buying few pieces every month.

But now that I have more CDs, I've reduced my wash cycle to only 2-3 days per wash. I only wash when I feel like it.

On washing off poop:
I only wash off the poop on wash day, just before I dump the CDs into the wm. So all in 1 go. And I don't wash until I have the time and mood :). Plus I only wash them during my bath time.

On drying time:
I used to stay in an apartment that has a balcony but we didn't get the morning sun AND afternoon sun and the wind is always strong so when it rains everything gets wet. So I had to dry all my clothes in the apartment everyday.

The fan really helped a lot. I never had problem wwaiting too long for my diapers to dry.

Now that I've moved to a landed house, I still dry my clothes indoor under the fan cos takut kena hujan while I'm at work.

On rashes:
My son had rashes for a few months recently because his nursery malas nak tukar diaper. 1 hari tukar 1 kali je. But now they change more frequently and his rashes is gone now.

In your dd's case, if you've tried all the tips, I think your dd could probably be allergic to microfleece/suede. So your best bet would be the more expensive natural CDs which is kinder to the skin :(.

About saving money:
I think, if full CDing is practised, CD would definitely help in saving money, be it cheap or expensive CDs. If buying just enough CDs, they could only last for 1 child, we still save cos we didn't buy a lot. But if buying a LOT of CDs, they might be expensive, but they surely will last to the next little ones because the usage rotation is even more frequent so we still save in thbe long term.

Anyway, don't stress yourself too much. Every individual is different. I guess CD is just my passion. I still use sposies when I have to. I don't like that feeling but we're just humans anyway :).

ZOORA said...

thank you very much Farrah.. and i could use your tips.. but tak faham part wash the poop cds on washing days.. i used to wash them straight away.. kalau tungu washing day.. meaning, those poop cds kena letak dlm dry pail dulu ke?? tak bau ke?? or.. tak jadik bertahi lalat ke???

I am trying my best to hold it up.. thanks..

farrahar said...

Oh my.. U mean u wash off the poop immediately after change EVERY TIME? I could die of stress like that hahaha!

Yup, I wait till washing day. When my ds poop was still runny, I'd just dump the cd into the pail liner and wash off the poop on washing day. Now that my ds's poop is solid, I'd just throw his poop into the toilet and then dump the cd into the diaper pail till washing day.

No kulat, no tahi lalat. Just make sure you close the pail lid properly and tight so that the small flies tak menyebok and breed their ulat in the diaper. Jangan la tinggal seminggu :P. 2-3 days should be fine. Dulu masa I did 4-days washing cycle pun ok juga.

Bau, of course bau. But not bau najis. Just the stink of the diapers. So I just tahan my nafas, dump the CDs, shut the lid close quickly, wash hands, and LARIIIII... hihihihi

ZOORA said...

ooo ye ke farrah.. la.. so i've been doing it wrong then.. ever time poop, basuh.. imagine if its 2-3 times a day.. sbb risau bau tu la, and i takut the poop stay in the diaper ke, jadik kulat kat situ ke...

suret said...

zura..aku buat sama mcm farrah..basuh kencing ke berak ke only bila cd dah nak abis...3-4 jugak la...kekadang lajak 5hari...basuh 20cd sekali harung..imagine najminyer n nabil..time nak basuh tu aku asingkan kencing n beraknyer sambil dok bawah air hujan..thEn mandi trus...hehehe...kalo aku malas nak bilas banyak kali...time masuk mesin tu...ko bilas dlu tanpa sabun..then start balik membasuh with sabun...tak koser aku asyik nak membilas setiap kali diorg berak n kencing...anak 2 wooo...kasi pengsan aku mau handle benda tu hari2...

mye said...

erk....tinggal diaper with poop semua tu for a few days ke...omg. i cannot digest this fact yet. kena test it out. sedangkan baju kotor pun tak tahan tgk everyday sure nak humban dlm wm, ni kan pulak cd with poop summore! no wonder i'm so stressed! kekeke.

ZOORA said...

ye ye ye.. i just cant digest the idea too!!!! yg muntah pun aku tak leh simpan ni pulak poop!!!!! erghh.. i need to be stronger now.. tapi now i still basuh terus mcm dulu2. for now berenti paai kejap.. zahraa masalah sembelit pulak... terkincit sikit2 je - kerap sgt tukar nappy

syaz said...

i nak tambah... once u dah basuh, (meaning kene air.. you must humban in WM..)
if not.. akan jadi kulat.
(coz dah kene air kan..)

so.. kalau tensen nak basuh selalu.. yepp.. terus masuk saja dlm pail.. tunggu washing day or basuh bila rajin only.. hehehe