Sunday, October 4, 2009


It looks like the construction of our house is about done. I think they are in OC application stage - I'm not sure whether they are doing the CCC or OC.. I'll give X Scan a call next week, I guess.. So, we are now busy planning to move in - and before that there are so many things to do.. oh no - looking for movers, clenaing up, renovating.. ouch.. I really need to sit and make a list. At the same time Zahrein is very busy with his work, so that leaves me alone to worry about the new home thingie. Of course I can plan and do all on my own -especially no problem if he provide all the cash :P heheheh - but of course I want him to agree with it, and I want him to know what I'm doing.

At the moment, I have made some layout to get quotation from the contractor. But, actually, I am not yet happy with what I did. .especially the kitchen part... being a 1300sqft condo, I think the propotion area given to the kitchen is too small, yet it is so hard to re arrange the layout, as it was made to be so tight - difficult to explore out. I think I have to work my ass more into it - or seek for more opinions, or sent the layout to some ID magazine to get free layout consultation.

So here's what I did during Ramadhan - cant render them.. my workstation wasnt equiped with the rendering software. Please excuse the materials, these are all I have in my library at the moment.

This is the kitchen if it were to be renovated bogger, imagine the original size.. ergghhhh.. this is not that big either.


Drama Mama said...

wahh zoora u haf like 4rooms?? best gila..and that first room in the pic, u can do like 9/10 doors wardrobe and still got space for desk???? that's like HUGE okeh!!! nyesal tak beli d'piazza.

and i love your master bedroom, yang ada balcony tu kan? memang cantik la d'piazza everytime pegi sunshine kitorang mesti admire the place :-D

aisha said...

brapa bilik brapa toilet? tapi series kecik ko nyer dapo..camne nak bertukang kat dapur tuh nanti...tak nak wat house warming jemput org kl ka? dgn syarat, tuan umah kena ada kat umah la..

- rzmie - said...

aisha sy tlg jawabkan utk pihak zoora..bilik ada 4 (1 kat dapur) dan 3 bilik air (1 kat dapur).

zoora, dpt quotation leh email sy? hehehe..nak tgk gak cam ne u will renovate the kitchen. i ada several ideas tp nak jejak kaki dlm rumah tu dulu sblm membuat apa-apa renovation. bak kata lawyer, tgk dulu apa yg XScan bagi. pastu baru renovate.

satu lagi zoora, kiranya nih kena bila-bila je la nih diaorg akan bagi kunci? tadi dapat surat lagi dari X-Scan mintak payment lagi 5%.

ZOORA said...

yup. thanks rzmie.. its 4 rooms, n 3 bath.. tapi kan.. to make it 4 rooms, dia jadik cam compact, sp jadik dapur kecik.. bilik ke 4 tu mcm nak tak nak je.. yesterday i make another layout, i make the 4th room smaller, sbb mmg sure tak nak ada bibik, so the kichen jadik larger. i dont think x scan akan bagi apa2 kot.. dah nampak dah mcm tak best je.. and the quality seems bad. so, like for sure kena renovate je. i called x scan, kata dia diorang tak berani janji akhir tahun, ut paling lewat ialah chinese new year

ZOORA said...

bai - nampak mmg mcm cantik je.. tapi itu la.. ada 2 balcony segala.. aku takut mcm tak terhandle plak la.. nak kena maintain 2.. tpai d piazza ni dense sgt la.. yg aku duduk sekarang ada 92 unit je .. nanti ada 700 jiran!!!!!! adusss.. ramainya.. takut aku nak duduk actually. nanti dtg rumah aku ok!!!!! and design landscape for my balconies tuh :P - aku sungguh tak pokok friendly

laydida said...

very nice!

we are looking at the same timeline as yours. pagar rumah developer dah pasang mangga coz tak bagi pembeli2 yg tak sabar ni curi2 masuk tgk rumah :D

am so thrilled to move into our new niche!

ZOORA said...

ye ke? laaa. dah siap lagi la tension nak masuk kan kan ??? teres lagi la.. boleh jenguk, boleh curi2 enter.. ni kondo susah sket.. still tak dpt masuk tgk