Friday, November 6, 2009

Zahraa and counsins

I noticed Zahraa seems to be more interested to play with older kids, instead of kids her age. She now gets along well with her cousins, no need introduction, no need of a warm up.. they just met and boom - had a great time together.

This video was taken after Hasya's minor surgery. She had a cut on her thighs.. quite deep.. we ran her to Pantai Mutiara Friday night, almost at midnight. Alhamdulilah she seems to be ok.. look at her, the one in purple pants.. almost like nothing had happen to her.. (errghhh.. i shud have capture some of her photos... with all the blood runs thru her legs and splashed on her face)



mye said...

ada ke patut...selama ni yg aku ingat ko cerita ni adalah husna...rupa2nya hasya!
how old is she?

ZOORA said...

she is 7 .. darjah 1 .. halus tu je kaki dia