Monday, November 2, 2009

zahraa can float!!!!

Lil Zahraa can now float.. she did it by herself, we never try to make her float, nor push her in to it.. its all on her on. and mumy felt ashamed on herself at this moment.. hehehe

This is in the adult pool - she's floating!!

This is in the adult pool.. she wants to try come in...

Look at that!! good girl!!!


kayla said...

wow, zahra can float already and she doesn't even scared to be in the water ya? that's really great! auntie kayla salutes u zahra. and her multiple-ponytail is really cute la zoora (yg pics on her hairdo tu) ;)

ZOORA said...

haha thank aunt keyllll... tu la.. zahraa pelik la tgk mam ni takut air.. zahraa tak takuttt punnnn