Monday, December 14, 2009


Snuggbaby is 1 year old!!! Congratulation to Liz a.k.a Babyripp, and to SNUGGBABY for the accomplishments.. they've made many pouches and hundreds of mei tais this year, not to mention clutches and hats.

I believe Snuggbaby has been one the Malaysian favorite babywearing online shop today - offering custom order carriers has been one of the reason of them being favorite. Personally, I love the Snuggbaby online shop because every single day, they try hard to make improvements on their products, introduce new things, and upgrade choices of fabric from time to time. Where else can we get that, at a reasonable price????

For those who just had a baby, and who wants to try babywearing, Snuggbaby is where you can look one to suit you. They even consider design for daddy too!!!!

I have wrote some review about them some time ago - well, as the anniversay of Snuggbaby is this month, why not i repeat it again - just to remind who they've been :D Wink!!!!


My review

1. Snugg MT is light weight - easy to carry it every where, as it is not heavily padded
2. The width of the straps are just nice, comfortable for my shoulder, and the padded are enough too
3. The straps are so soft, yet strong - easy to tie - keronyok pun tak pe, its not hurting
4. The body panel is a bit big, I mean too wide for Zahraa, maybe she is still small.. so- its difficult to make sure she is the centre of the body panel.. maybe it will fit when she gets older.. In the other hand, when Zahraa was set at the centre, the body panel really snug her in it.. so tak de ruang under our arm pit.. hmm how to explain this.. its like the body panel cover Zahraa in a whole - so comfy .... :D
5. The body panel if a bit too long for Zahraa, so I fold once, to make sure Zahraa can take her hands out - oh, she will get cranky if she was wrapped in it
6. XL straps are too long - yes it is possible to share mt if the straps are long.. but the longer it is, the harder it is to handle it.. nak ikat susah, as the tails are too long. So i've cut mine - just nice length so it is great now.
7. I love my reversible body panel.. can use any of it to suit with my clothes. However, on the second, having a plain body panel on one side is great too.. to wear with pattern clothes
8. Snugg mt does not make me fell 'wrapped' and too warm
9. The straps are not easily slipped

My suggestion

1. Maybe Snugg could make smaller mt for smaller babies
2. Maybe the strap end have different end pattern .. errr macam baby bjorn - waist strap yg ada triangle end, yg shoulder strap ada flat end - so easier to adjust and recognize those tails

My issues - help me get over this

1. Hmm if i'm out and about, and is tying the mt - is it normal those straps will 'sapu lantai'??
2. I always have to wear it by looking into the mirror. If i'm out and about.. how do i make sure Zahraa is at the centre?
3. Sometimes, to make sure the straps are under Zahraa arm pit, I sometimes wear it by putting the mt under Zahraa arm first, then throw her on my back (just like those wearing podaegi you tube videos) is it okay??? then tie the wiast straps later, and then again, adjust the shoulder strap
4. What do I do if Zahraa refuse to ride on the mt?

Pictures here and here

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