Friday, December 4, 2009

Zahraa and telekung

Most of the time that we perform solat, Zahraa will try to get in my telekung.. and pretend reciting something.. konon konon solat.. Or at some other times, I could hardly get my telekung because she took it.. and try to be underneath it.. or any big cloth, pretending wearing a telekung. Thats the point that makes me think, a lil telekung would be a best present for her..
Do you know that it is very difficult to find telekung for kids?? I know there are a lot in Jakarta, or Bandung.. but here in Malaysia... specifically Penang, nope. I found kids telekung in Pesta Pulau Pinang, but it cant fit Zahraa. Well... at last thanks to Alif Aisya for this cute one ::D. This one fits her at the moment (tho some sewing required) and I think it will last for some years. Alhamdulillah.
But... yesterday (the day after the photo was taken) she refuse to wear them.. huhu She just put them on her head.. :P. huhuh .. maybe she doesnt understand yet.. nevermind.. we'll wait till she's 2 yo. In the mean time.. we'll wear whenever she wants to.
Didik solat? Yup, I heard that somewhere. It is encouraged that we teach solat at early age, but what is most important is of course for them to understand, what is solat and why do we perform solat. Of course it would take time for kids to understand that, but why not we practice solat together while they take time to digest all that. But, let it be reminder for us all, that solat is not need to be the first thing we teach our kids; the most important for them to know at early age is, to know Allah, Rasul, zikir and know Islam as a way of life. Wallahualam. This would we a another entry to write about.. so, later then ok.. :D At this moment. enjoy Zahraa je dulu ok.


KakTi said...

So cute :). I agree with you that we should ingrain in our children from the early years how to love Allah, Rasul and their teachings.

Thank you for buying it at Alif Aisya Shoppe :)

Drama Mama said...

wahhhdah pegi pesta penang eh? best tak? lama sangat dah tak pi, teringin nak bawak irfan tapi takut sesak sangat.

anwyay, the telekung is soooo cute. ada gambar stroberrriii...

ZOORA said...

aah dah pegi.. ok je la.. tak de la menarik sgt.... ok la utk nk pi sekali sekala... pi weekdays kurang sket org.. aah.. ada lain selain stroberi .. ada icecream.. watermelon.. :P

Gukita said...

Cantiknya Zahra... Cute sangat-sangat tengah angkat takbir tu..