Friday, January 29, 2010

hard rock hotel: the dinner

The theme was Rock n Roll in Black n Red. We did not participate and spend much looking for red costumes .. (none of us ever had red outfit) because we know we will never win the crown. So all I did was just dress to have fun. I just get myself some simple shirt and stuffs to match the night. So here's me and Zahraa.. and I got the title Rocker Muslimah that night. Did me and Zahraa match??? :D
This is Kak Mimi.. I really like the way she look that nice. Nice, simple and different from everyday.. and here's lil Khaira.. Zahraa's schoolmate. Zahraa is so excited seeing Khaira at the dinner.

Zahrein - dont dare to care of dinner theme as usual.. and as he always is - looking smart and clean.

By the way, look at the carpet - so not Hall of Fame right?????

Oh no.. arkitek terlampau.. heheh here's my cube neighrbour.. Zul - singing out Kuala Lumpur from Alleycats.. but.. too bad.. wrong song bro!!!!!!!!

My draughtperson - Final episode.. eh ehe no.. I mean Epi .. he is really a good singer actually.. and really did rockin' out that night.

Kak Aya a.k Hajjah kaya as Kak Mawar always call her, with Shifa, also Zahraa's schoolmate (seems like half of her classmate is here) All her family is in red.

Zahraa's acting nice that night, beside of the fact she kept on dragging any of us around, or outside the hall.

Did I look fat?? Ouch.. really need to blew off some kgs.

My twinkle lil star...

Kak Mazni.. and her lil girl.. merelip la akak...

Daddy and daughter...

So here's Kak Mawar.. president puspanita PDcc.. malang betull.. rambut set tak jadi.. almaklum la.. terkena air shower sbb tak reti bukak la kan.. nasib la akak ... nak buat camana.. abis la rambut mahal.....

There are displays of artists precious stuffs along the hallway to the Hall of fame.

Beatles faces as tile pattern. And err.. i look big in red..

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hard rock hotel review: The facilities

There's a lot of facilities here, but I din't get to take all pcs.. tak teringat nak ambik.. most of all.. I regreted not going to the nursery and take a pic of it. There are more here, Gym, Spa, Souvenir shop, teens room, and more. And most of it, you wont find Hard Rock Face pics here.. We did not join the rest of the group here...we went to the night market instead. Anyway there's many blogs wrote reviews on the cafe, so.. let them do the judging. Man Kidal was there that night, and the whole PDCC group seems to have spent some time with him around the hotel that day.

I gives a 5 star for this design. But I was told that this was the origianl from Casuarina Hotel. They just make good and upgrade it. But it was great to see it fully occupied all the times. In magazinez and wbsite, usually all I could see are empty cool seats. Now I know how its been use. Scary jugak amik gambar ni.. takut mamat omputi tu marah plak amik gambar dia pakai trunk je.

I loveeee this section.. 5 star to this design also. Its a courtyard in between the coffee house and the Hall of Fame. Of course, it was packed with smokers taking time out here during functions.. but it cold also be a nice runaway for a daddy who hates noise (hehehehh) and for kids to play. In the morning, the section feels fresh and a nice place to have a warm breakfast. I like those pebbles floor finish, with polish pebbles arranged to form Hard Rock logo.

Nice details of the carpet at the room hallway. Hmm where's the pic of that candelliar eh.....

Sukaaaa that black and white stripes wallpaper!!!!! The ID of this really has cool taste... and dare to try something out of norm and avoid playing it safe.

A bit more addition of lighting fixtures would add some spice to the hallway.

Here goes Hard Rock Hotel at 10am. Love the rectangular glass window features. Guess what... we came in an ugly dusty car, and in the morning, we found our car in marvelously shining bright!! SOmeone from hardrock has been polishing all car in the carpark???? Was it??? Or was it Elvis Presly ghost?? Hahahahah

The coffee house was in cool Modern English concept. Dont worry to check out the cook and chef, they are all Malay, we could see them in action through.. so Nuyu, no need to mengendap the hotel kithchen anymore, wink:D.

The pool in the morning.. halo..wake up everyone.. lets rock the pool!!

Creative idea of the landscape.The giant pot!! I missed the pic of one part of the landscape - the purple lettering of HARD ROCK HOTEL PENANG - Hmm kena la pi sekali lagi nak amik gambar eh????

The hotel and the famous Hard Rock Cafe on the left.

Loveee this.. 5 star to this, as it did win the eyes of all visitors.. so many people looking up taking pictures of the hanging led in the Hotel's logo. And it changes colour!!!!!!

The gym looking over to the pool. And look at that room, with their balcny staight in to the pool. cool huh. Hmm at the front oart, suppose on the right side of the pic is a cafe, by the beach.. hmm missed that pic too :( .. maybe you can can it in our friends facebook.

Pool slide design is cool. Not only it attracts kids.. but adults too!!! Here, all of us could be kids. I love the pool.. its chlorine free!!!!!!!! Air dia best ssgtttt...

Here's the lobby, its cool and not formal. Very freindly to visitors.. You all can just lepak here.. in the evening, there'll be performance from the hotel band here. Hmm ni gambar mamat rock mana ntah la.. bukan main lagi dok kat situ perasan artis.. konon2 artis rock la.. tapi bawak beg sport club.. apa raaa......

Best giler settee ni.. I should have pose here too!!!!!! Hmm this is Shamel - just turn to be a daddy - so he was here, being a kid himself :D

This sculpture will welcome you at the entrance.

The reception . Err.. its 2.5 star from me.. Sorry hard rock, it looks more like a cafe than a reception counter. But the service here is good. They are freindly and efficient. They are fast too. And at the room, from time ti time, there'll be room servince knocking, asking whether you need fresh towel or anything else.

There are more pics in my facebook, Zurahanim. Feel free to visit.:D

hard rock hotel review: the room

We've spent a night at the brand new Hard Rock Hotel Penang last weekend. It was.. hmm.. should I say a blast?? Let me say, hmm it was a.. hmm an extraordinary weekend to remember. -Sleeping surrounded by The Beatles and Elvis Pressly pics are considered very extraordinary to us- The hotel was great, very different that among other hotel. It was once Casuarina Hotel Penang, which then turn into Hard Rock Hotel last year. The opening of it does rocks Penang whereby people visit it very frequent. The bell boy said on school holidays, the Hotel and cafe was like a pasar malam-flooded with people who wants to get a sneek peek to it.
The Hotel did renovation on the interior, while the layout of the rooms maintain. Major changes are on the ground floor, pool area, landscape and facilities.

Of course, there always gonna be review. Pictures aren't in order.. sajer je put that way ... :P

The hotel seems to work on small detailings, which tend to make everything to be interesting and unique. They dont offer grandeur like concept - like other hotels, but more to fun and cool.. Just look at this stiches on the pillow case. cool huh? :D

I love .. i mean loooveeeee the carpet.. so new- so trendy.. it gives the room a different atmosphere. To some people carpet are just carpet.. you step on it... but look, even Zahraa loves it too
aik??? Zahraa nak jadi mcm Auntie Mawar ke.. jadik secretary abah ya?????? I dont really like the side table.. but i know what they are trying to do.. which is a mix of modern and classic features.

This is what i'm saying.. the side table is err.. no star given for this choice. A red side table would do great here. Then only the side table pops.

And this cushion is cute too.. I think so many people would want to have this. I wonder how many of it has been stolen.

Cool carpet rite??? They have the same pattern on the hallway, but in different colour and layout.

A simple writing table. They dont put expensivie furnitures just simples one. I think, the price of the room is a bit expensive if comapre to the furnitures in the room. Its rm 399 - standard room.. err. I thnk la..after discounts.

I dont understand this at all.. can someone explain this to me.. the toilet has a sliding wall, which runs on a ceiling mounted rail. When it was open- a big mirror are ready to use - but the whole room can see you. IF you close them, you just get mirror at the side, and Mr Elvis appears to be looking at you while bathing. I dontt understand why.. kalau nak romantic, just put a glass wall then, with a curtain inside. And guess what? it cant be locked!!

Here's what in looks like in the bathroom, if you close the slide. It is a nice counter with cool sink rite? But the design seems to fail, water splash out when you use the tap.. leaving the counter all wet.

But overall.. the bathroom is cool.. and nice-made from non expensive brands, but seems to end up great. Zahraa suka jugak toilet ni.. dia main kat dlm tu.

This one is totally out. The lamination of the tv set doenst match with the interior at all.. just do it white then, it will be simple, nice and most important, complement other stuffs.

We'r on the second floor, so this is the view from our room - not so hot ... but the pool slide ready does tempt us....

Here's the room, overall. I think the ambiance of the room owuld be much better if they use red coloured curtain.

Writing table bu the window. Yes, they dont have dressing table.

We wrongly been given double bed.. but we are so lazy to change room.. at the end, we request one baby cot for Zahraa, because she kept on putting herself in the split.

Thats all for the room. Overall, I give it 3.5 star. There'll be more review coming on the other facilities of the hotel. Keep on rockin' readin' fellassss

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

comment on enterprise lab

U didnt get praise from your work every day. Usually it just came from co-workers, client, or other consultants. But today, I found a written comment from another blog by Jeffrey Lim on my design of Enterprise Lab.

Here's what he wrote:

As state government is pushing for ICT and K-economy development.

Our state GLC has spent 1.6 million building a facility call ‘enterprise lab’ inside mayang mall which my office is currently located.

During the renovation of the facility, i thought the office is utilised by a US or Singapore based multi national company because the design was exclusive, high tech and great!

Seems that our state government really putting the money to benefit the incubatees who are going to be the tenant for the new facility.

The whole facility is segregated into 2 portion, one is tech lab which would be run by MDec ( who is using it to run programs for the recipients for technopreneur pre seed grant. The other side are for other new ICT startup to rent at a lower than market rate price to startup their companies.

PDC decided to outsource this incubation centre to the industry as they feel that it would be better for the industry to come in and manage it so that the incubatees can gain knowledge and experience from the industry immediately.

The final decision was to let ’scope’ software consortium of penang, ‘techbiz’ bumiputra technology business association, ‘PAC’ penang automation cluster and ‘PRFC’ penang radio frequency cluster which are all cluster of penang state under the division ‘invest penang berhad’ to handle.

In the end a cluster alliance was formed which consist of all cluster chairman to handle the overall planning. Going through the costing of the incubation centre, i realize that incubation is really a money losing machine which cannot generate profit from it’s core business which is incubation.

But with assistance from state government and federal government, the overall business model can barely breakeven. But for the sake of Penang state, which i also don’t want to see more ‘white elephants’ come out. It is most probably that the ‘cluster alliance’ would take up the responsibility.

Oh yes.. please dont make this a white elephant.. I really hope they utilize this up to max. I enjoyed as much this project, even though it took some time to kick off and finish up.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I had the TMJ

It started when I was in Kl, spending my holidays with family. The unwelcomed syndrome drove me mad, which make my holiday turns sour. Luckily there were times when hubby took me shopping - which lesson the pain (whoaaa.. shopping has always been the best therapy for women, for whatever sickness...). I thought, I slept on the wrong side, then thought I might ate something hard, and at last, when my gums got swollen - we finalised the culprit to be my wisdom tooth-which has been there sometimes for years (poor ugly white thing!).

Until it was 3 weeks after, the jaw doesnt seems right. The teeth and gums are all okay, but the jaw keeps on clucking. Till the GP told me to see a dentist, which I did (and had to spend time surrendering my mouth and teeth to her, and surrender more than hundred ringgit too) and she told me - it has got nothing to do with my teeth! And it was no urgency at all to took off the wisdom tooth. In the end - it was STRESS!!! Yeah, you heard me.. just stress!!!

And of course, our good friend Mr Google gives us some hints.. From here

Temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ as most people call it, is a painful disorder of the joints of the jaw. Characterized by a clicking or popping in the jaw when opening the mouth, TMJ can also cause headaches, ear ringing, painful chewing and dizziness.

Over time, these symptoms tend to become progressively worse, leading many to look for TMJ cures to help relieve the suffering.

There isn't one specific thing that can lead to TMJ but here is a list of the Top 5 most common causes of TMJ:

1. Teeth grinding and teeth clenching (bruxism)

2. Constant gum chewing or fingernail biting

3. Dental problems and misalignment of the teeth (malocclusion).

4. Trauma to the jaws

5. Stress

TMJ symptoms vary from person to person. There are also a wide variety of symptoms that may seem to affect areas other than the TM joints, particularly the ears, head, face and teeth.

Here is a list of the Top 5 most common symptoms of TMJ:

1) Jaw clicking or popping if the most common symptom. There may or may not be pain associated with the pop

2) TMJ Locking - The jaw may lock partially when opening or closing the mouth

3) Headaches - This is a symptoms that I am very familiar with. The temples, back of the head, and even the shoulders may ache.

4) Ear Problems - This could be ear pain, stuffiness, fullness or even a loss of hearing. I tend to have pain behind the jaw, radiating up to the ear.

5) Sensitive Teeth - Along with headaches and ear problems, TMJ can cause sensitive teeth. It's often hard to distinguish between teeth problems and TMJ.

Cure???? Well, there's no really a medical cure to it. Doctors just prescribed me with some antibiotics, pain killers and some pills to reduce swelling. And the net says - it will be cured when the reasons are eliminated. Ouch!!! That means more weeks of pain to me. DOctors suggest me to rest, give your self some time and rest??? In the beginning of the year?? yeahhh rightttt..

And thinking back - do I have anything or do anything that leads me to this stressful situation?? Let me think..
yeah.. maybe I did indeed.
1. Struggle with my staffs, to get things done.
2. Worrying of the due date - to get job done
3. Sudden bundle of workload
4. Hatred to the boss
5. NO BONUS? Hahahahahha
6. Zahraa's behaviour change while in KL. She became naughty, cant be control, screaming and crying - name it
7. I cant get things controlled under my nose
8. Or maybe I'm just tired

Eliminate stress?? Seems like that need a big effort from me

Monday, January 11, 2010

Isu penggunaan kalimah Allah

Ibn Qayyim kemudiannya menjelaskan lagi bahawa penamaan Allah itu
menunjukkan bahawa Dia (Allah) adalah sebagai Yang dipertuhankan dan
disembah. Dipertuhankan oleh semua makhluk dengan penuh kecintaan,
pengagungan, ketundukan dan berlindung kepada-Nya dalam semua hajat dan
musibah yang menimpa.
Inilah sebenarnya maksud di sebalik kalimah Allah SWT. Ia bukanlah satu kalimah
yang sekadar menjadi sebutan atau seruan atau panggilan bagi tuhan semata-mata.
Sebaliknya ia merupakan nama yang melambangkan aqidah atau agama bagi orang
yang menggunakannya. Oleh itu penggunaannya amat wajar dipantau dan dipelihara
oleh kerajaan demi memastikan tiada sesiapa yang terkeliru dengan nama Yang
Maha Agung itu.

That was from an article from Cawangan Aqidah, Bahagian Penyelidikan Jakim. It can be downloaded from the net, in the PDF format. After the celebration of new year pasts, and the enthusiasm of Malaysian to welcome the year, in a better economy state, this issues bombarded the country just like those firecrakcers lighted on those new years nights. It was all over media then about those arson bombing in several places over our country.

It began when The High Court allows the usage of the word Allah, to pardon the application from the Herald Catholic newspaper. And some days after that there were many blogs, and articles written due to this. Some wrotes, the word Allah could be used by anyone to refer God. Some says, the word Allah has been used by non Muslim since like forever. While some other features hadith, the meaning, the discussion on how holy the word is.

To me, this is a very sensitive issue in our country. Maybe, The High Court allows this, maybe after referring some reliable sources, that is not wrong to be used by non Muslims. And the meaning however still goes to the Almighty God. But the thing is, have they ever consider the aftermath of the decision. There'll be speculation, misunderstanding, misguidance of the usage, and name it.. there'll be thousands of unsatisfied groups of people. The arson bombing might just be the introduction of it. after the bombing, societies and goverment put all their effort to offer security to churches, this then also leads to antipathy to Muslims (like, wah.. hebatnya nak protect church... masjid tak pernah nak protect pun.. u see what i mean??) So many people have been questioning, throw the same thing - why on earth does Herald wanted to use the word Allah, since it has never been used before by non Muslims in our country. Why dont Herald comes out, make a PC or something (PC- Press conference) or at least explain whay they want to use it after all, if it is not for misguiding the Muslims.

However, from PGSM website (Persatuan Peguam Syarie Malaysia) it was annouces this -
Masyarakat Islam menarik nafas lega dan memanjatkan kesyukuran kepada Allah apabila membaca pengumuman Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Dr Abdullah Mohd Zain yang menafikan kerajaan membenarkan penerbitan akhbar Herald- The Catholic Weekly

Can this close the case? I dont think so .. what do you think ?????

the new year has begin

Wow.. I haven't been writing like what? A year???? Hah! A few weeks.. I was busy at the end of the year, finishing off whatever needed to be done before the holiday. Then I had a loooong holiday; from 24th Dec to 2nd January .. well. thats almost a year isnt it? :D Then the new year kick off with so many things on hands to get on. And it still does.
Seems the 2010 jump start was quite a jectic one for me.. with meetings, and commitments all thru the 1st week. I guess I just have to change the formation of my previous life cycle. 4-4-2 doenst seems to work anymore - hey .. what crap am I saying here... hahha (seems like the World Cup fever kicks off early this year) No.. what I mean is.. there's a lot of thing I need to revive, and change working style.. and do less honeymooning. I have some new projects in hands to commence this year.

And it is totally a change in hour home sweet home too!!! Zahrein is studying again!!!! Doing something no one could guess he will do ever! It looks quite not right at first, and happen all in a flash - but I am not the first to comment or protest, yet I am the first to support, and try to re-adjust whatever we already had for years. Its good for him, its just that he has to work harder, and mange his time. He is good at that, I am not worry. Hope he achieve success.

And Zahraa, the lil one, lil gem in our home - has been so magnificently blooming and melt our heart. She is fast learner, and behaving more than her age now. Yes, she was naughtier every single day, but that was all her, trying to grow up and explore what she can do.

I pray that this year, will bring us all hapiness, blessing, strong faith and believe, good health and prosperity as well. And may this blog goes on with good writing and info.

What resolution?? well.. that could take another entry or to :P