Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hard rock hotel review: The facilities

There's a lot of facilities here, but I din't get to take all pcs.. tak teringat nak ambik.. most of all.. I regreted not going to the nursery and take a pic of it. There are more here, Gym, Spa, Souvenir shop, teens room, and more. And most of it, you wont find Hard Rock Face pics here.. We did not join the rest of the group here...we went to the night market instead. Anyway there's many blogs wrote reviews on the cafe, so.. let them do the judging. Man Kidal was there that night, and the whole PDCC group seems to have spent some time with him around the hotel that day.

I gives a 5 star for this design. But I was told that this was the origianl from Casuarina Hotel. They just make good and upgrade it. But it was great to see it fully occupied all the times. In magazinez and wbsite, usually all I could see are empty cool seats. Now I know how its been use. Scary jugak amik gambar ni.. takut mamat omputi tu marah plak amik gambar dia pakai trunk je.

I loveeee this section.. 5 star to this design also. Its a courtyard in between the coffee house and the Hall of Fame. Of course, it was packed with smokers taking time out here during functions.. but it cold also be a nice runaway for a daddy who hates noise (hehehehh) and for kids to play. In the morning, the section feels fresh and a nice place to have a warm breakfast. I like those pebbles floor finish, with polish pebbles arranged to form Hard Rock logo.

Nice details of the carpet at the room hallway. Hmm where's the pic of that candelliar eh.....

Sukaaaa that black and white stripes wallpaper!!!!! The ID of this really has cool taste... and dare to try something out of norm and avoid playing it safe.

A bit more addition of lighting fixtures would add some spice to the hallway.

Here goes Hard Rock Hotel at 10am. Love the rectangular glass window features. Guess what... we came in an ugly dusty car, and in the morning, we found our car in marvelously shining bright!! SOmeone from hardrock has been polishing all car in the carpark???? Was it??? Or was it Elvis Presly ghost?? Hahahahah

The coffee house was in cool Modern English concept. Dont worry to check out the cook and chef, they are all Malay, we could see them in action through.. so Nuyu, no need to mengendap the hotel kithchen anymore, wink:D.

The pool in the morning.. halo..wake up everyone.. lets rock the pool!!

Creative idea of the landscape.The giant pot!! I missed the pic of one part of the landscape - the purple lettering of HARD ROCK HOTEL PENANG - Hmm kena la pi sekali lagi nak amik gambar eh????

The hotel and the famous Hard Rock Cafe on the left.

Loveee this.. 5 star to this, as it did win the eyes of all visitors.. so many people looking up taking pictures of the hanging led in the Hotel's logo. And it changes colour!!!!!!

The gym looking over to the pool. And look at that room, with their balcny staight in to the pool. cool huh. Hmm at the front oart, suppose on the right side of the pic is a cafe, by the beach.. hmm missed that pic too :( .. maybe you can can it in our friends facebook.

Pool slide design is cool. Not only it attracts kids.. but adults too!!! Here, all of us could be kids. I love the pool.. its chlorine free!!!!!!!! Air dia best ssgtttt...

Here's the lobby, its cool and not formal. Very freindly to visitors.. You all can just lepak here.. in the evening, there'll be performance from the hotel band here. Hmm ni gambar mamat rock mana ntah la.. bukan main lagi dok kat situ perasan artis.. konon2 artis rock la.. tapi bawak beg sport club.. apa raaa......

Best giler settee ni.. I should have pose here too!!!!!! Hmm this is Shamel - just turn to be a daddy - so he was here, being a kid himself :D

This sculpture will welcome you at the entrance.

The reception . Err.. its 2.5 star from me.. Sorry hard rock, it looks more like a cafe than a reception counter. But the service here is good. They are freindly and efficient. They are fast too. And at the room, from time ti time, there'll be room servince knocking, asking whether you need fresh towel or anything else.

There are more pics in my facebook, Zurahanim. Feel free to visit.:D

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