Monday, February 1, 2010

My new laptop

Well, the title should be My New Laptop, without the new, actually, hehe.. thats because I never had any laptop before, and rarely used one too. At last I bought one, after years of hunting and surfing, and looking. I guess its a buy of a lifetime.

So meet my HP Pavaillion Dm 3 - 1129TX. It is still not available in Malaysia, so it was shipped from Shanghai to meet its new master.

Its an ultra sleek laptop range. With Metal chasis casing. Love this feature. Plastic cover like Dell or Sony would leave finger print on it, but this one doesnt.


g i l e k o p i said...

wah..cayalah..awatnye u beli frm china? from internet ke? bp RM? mcm best je..

ZOORA said...

sebabnya kat malaysia this unit tak de lagi.. yang dah ada is lower processor, tapi tu pun kat kedai ada brochure je, kena order.. so mine actually still not in any store, so they have to fabricate it and send it directly from the kilang in china. I bought through hp online store malaysia