Wednesday, February 17, 2010

new layout

As I have sometime yeserday, while Zahraa sleeps, of course, I tried to find some new template.. something I wnated to do for some time - but couldnt find the time (oh yes, that takes a lotttt of time) I've tried more than 8 template and liked about 4. Usually I like templates with maximum width, and have white background, or at least clear colour back ground. But now, I might try on this one, and see how it goes for a few days.. something different and out of my norm.
Red and balc aren't usually my favourite colour, but after trying to load this one, it seems nice. Its vibrant, and all column are in position. (well, some of the template goes wrong after uploaded, even a bit senget pun eye sore maaaa).

Well, lets try with this and I'd love to know what yo all think about this.


- rzmie - said...

its nice..kaler font dgn background match aa.. :)

Hanim said...

babe... side bar panjang sgt. maybe 3 column layout?

ZOORA said...

ye la hanim.. thanks!! i do need opinions!!!

ZOORA said...

i'm looking for 3 columns, tapi tmpt entry to width dia lebar... huhuhu susah seehhh.. oh.. now i know how cerewet i am