Thursday, February 18, 2010

not too sweet meh???

Aiyo.. very difficult to find template maa.. now I understand why people called me cerewet.. aiyo, I am, I am.. cant find anything just nice. I like it to pop up, but easy to read at the same time, easy to tour through.. I am quite particular on those fonts, there's not much font that I like, I notice... still cant find the definite (design sendiri la makcik)

I want to avoid black- dont really fancy black- grey and white and black, also not a fan- err mcm berkabung je.. adoi, and i hate those tempalte yg entry dia skett je.. i mean narrow width je... rugi kan.. kena scroll byk2.. susah

This is so like shopping-susah nak decide.. tensionnya kena decide- pressure pressure


Drama Mama said...

ehhh yang ni nice gak zura...betul la black macam tak berapa menarik...altho te previous template tu cantik...but macam mood tak best sbb black.

aku pun slalu pening nak pikir template ni..nak mintak orang buatkan ja la and decide for me hahaha

ZOORA said...

its kinda fun, but stressful kan????