Wednesday, February 17, 2010

say yes to paper

Saying no to plastic, was the most said campaign every where on our country since last year. I remembered last year, in August, where we help our blood donation campaign, our chairman told us that all food involve in the event were not allowed to be packed in plastic, or polistairin (is that how we spell it??) container. This inlvove any event by societies, the state bodies, and that includes us too.
Last few week we had some makan-makan, and food are distributed. This time around I am so excited as there's no paper wrap food like last time, but is cool paper container!!! Picture above is given from PDC. And below, is those ordered from Kapitan Nssi beriyani - cool initiave of this restaurant to come up with this packing.

I hope, other restaurant should take this example and follow through. And by the way, in Penang, the no plastic day is on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and to those require plastic bag, each would cost them 20 cent!!! And guess where that 20 cent goes??? Tabung anti kemiskinan.. it is use to help the poor, isnt that good????


- rzmie - said...

patutnya kerajaan negeri galakkan pekedai guna plastik cam plastik Tesco..senang reput..tahun ni 3 hari..rasanya tahun depan sepanjang weekdays no plastic rasanya..

Drama Mama said...

hahhhhh kitorang slalu kantoi lupa bawak shopping bag padahal berlonggok kat rumah ni.

so if u see us carrying around clothes and shopping stuff with our own bare hands, kitorang bukan curi tau! hahaha

halinazairi said...

bagus la penang, selangor on Saturday je.. why not everyday eh?..

laydida said...

i like the penang gov's initiative. tapi kesian asyik kene bombard on politics jer..

ZOORA said...

plastic - actually ada yg jenis biodegradable punya. untuk plastic sampah i beli those type.. ada jual kat giant.

bai - ni la masanya ada handbag besar!!! tak payah la pegang!! sumbat semua dlm tu

farid - ok la jugak half the week for a start.. later i think all should slowly ubah.. let sya saper nak sgt plastik tu, bayar je la 20 posen

and penang gov.. errr.. in this matter ok la.. but many other matter they need to re think about it - i dont deny all those bits in news