Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spying on Zahraa

I love spying on Zahraa.. and secretly took a picture, or video of her. And here I share it with you all - zahraa in her own. Today's she is playing with her Lego. Remember we had an entry on lego last year??? Well, a year a go she just seems to bang every blocks together, not getting her hands on it (so I kept it for a while from her, learnt this from Mye) and taraa!!! I dont know when does she suddenly know waht to do with them.. and I am happy.. go Lego!!! (same toys I've played when I was a kid - but still Zahraa, you're gonna end up like me)




Drama Mama said...

yeay! good job zahra!

irfan pun dah pandai main blocks skang..then come show mama and said "mama, irfan pandai!!" hahaha perasannn

ZOORA said...

bai, bila anak kita dah bleh achieve something.. rasa mcm seronok giler kan? mcm kita plak yg achieve buat bende tu... yesterday zahraa dah bleh tunjuk 2 jari, before this, 3, 2, 1, semua tunjuk all five fingers.. and yes, diorang suka cakap, pandai!! kat diri sendiri kan kan ?? cute