Saturday, February 20, 2010

Twinky winky giveaway

Diaper cakes, and cupcakes? What is that? When first heard of it, I wonder, was it a diaper that looks like a cake, or was it a cake that looks like a diaper.. My silly thought said..naahhh.. it should be a cake that looks like a diaper!!!

Till now, diaper cupcakes are in my head-without image!!! Well, that may become the reason to enter Twinky Winky blog giveaway!!

"I would love to win the delectable diaper cupcakes from TWINKY WINKY STARS (TWS) because I have no idea what it really is so I want to experince it on my own!!"

I am entering category Diaper Cupcakes for Toddler!! So I win.. so we could all see what a diaper cupcake really is


Drama Mama said...

checked! zoora,u dah add banner ka on ur sidebar? the page is loading too slow la i can't see many things..

anyway good luck to u

ZOORA said...

oo haaa.. banner .. lupa.. huhu. nasib baik ckp.. missed that.. lupa nak letak..