Monday, April 12, 2010

fake phone call

Kayla has wrote her entry on fake phone calls. It was tremendously funny!!!!! Seriously. its even funnier just because I did the same thing.. almost the same thing.. i tot i am the only crazy ones.. rupanya I am totally not alone!!!!

My fake phone situation -

i - Too boring in a too long meeting.. buat buat tgk phone and they say 'oh', then pick up and say 'hello? hello? tak dgr laa..' while rush out from the room

ii - Was busy on phone-either on the bus or lrt-suddenly the person on the other line goes missing.. but I continued talking... sbb malu nak berenti tiba2.. after being excited on the phone.. who knows?

Kayla has funnier fake phone situation in her blog.. hahah believe me.. its funny

Monday, April 5, 2010

no pictures

waa boringnya entry with no pics lately huh? hahahahha.. the thing is, we lost our camera!!! Again!!! I think we have lost like - 2 or 3 cameras already... bila la nak ada camera baru...............

Thursday, April 1, 2010

news for smokers

Do you smoke? Have you tried quiting but failed? Do you hate to smoke, but still have to smoke? Or, you are aware of how dangerous smoking is, but still cant get rid of it.. Or... does your husband smoke, you really hated that, but there's nothing you can do because he is hooked to it? Or, are you worried about your kids, or about the baby inside your womb every time your husband blew of the smoke in front of your face? Or do you just hate that smell in your car every time your husband came back from work??

I have a good news for you!!! My colleague is selling this thingie called 'electronic ciggarete' from I think it is quite a good product, so I wanna share it here with you. My husband doesnt smoke (alhamdulillah) but I do know some of you there want to help your husband to stop that habbit as we are all know the danger of it.
Here's how it looks like...

It looks like any other ciggarate? No.. it is not that thingie, tembakau balut kertas.. its different, might look the same from pic. But the size, colour, is the same like any other ciggarate. here is some info about it...

It gives a real smoking experince, but it is wihtout all the dangerous chemicals such as tar, carcinogen, fire, tobacco, carbon monoxide, ash, or that smell of real ciggarete that leads to cancer or whatsoever. It has smoke, but they are actually steam that will dissolve in the air after a few second - without any smell at all! You can choose either with nicotine, oe just simple taste like apple or strawberry, without nikotine. My colleague mentioned it is also a good way to quite smoking (example, alternate nicotine and without, and bit by bit, say goodbye to the nicotine)

It is recharghable, all you do is change the nicotine refiller. The fist buy is the kit, then after that just refill it with flavour or nicotine. (Refill the inhaler part in the diagram below)

If you are interested you can email me to get the details, or contact directly with the dealer, Shamel 016-4904984, or contact Shamel thru his facebook, or go to
I hope this could help somebody. however, by posting this here it doenst mean that i am pro to smoking. I just hope this electronic ciggarete could battle the health issue in Malaysia, and help saves many wives and children too.