Tuesday, May 4, 2010

all quiet

wow... i havent post any entry for a really some time now eh? wow.. this is long. the longest ever been. seems like my pledge to write as much as possible, not being fulfilled. well.. I havent had the mood for some time. I have so man things to share and write up here, but... works seems to be a lot, with the nausea and mood swings, and yeah.. also busy with the new home!!! Yup, we have obtained OC and now has started our renovation. I have been busy doing budgets, plans, discussing materials and stuffs.. phewww.. it was suppose to be fun - but turns out to be tiring, and stressful!!! (especially when you are in tight budget, and everything seems to be pretty!!)

ok, one by one dear...

The new home

We try to move in by June - so all must be done this month.. that was like now!!! Oh no!!!! I havent start packing!!! Our house has began the hacking, and will be constructing new walls soon, but maybe there'll be a bit delay, as the tiles I ordered could not reach penang this week. I have discussed built ins and kitchen cabinets - just waiting confirmation. We have to hunt for lighting fixtures by this week.

The pregnancy

The vomiting era seems to fade, yeah!1 alhamdulillah.. but the nauseous is always there, still.. and in addition migraine seems to visit more often now. I am now about 15 weeks, visited the doc last week and alhamdulillah have seen the baby. It has legs and arms.. i saw the backbone lining up on its back too! But, the doc was quite furious with me, being thinner and losing weight. When i conceived, I was 63kg and last week, I was 56kg. The doc said it is very very unhealthty of me-letting the nausea taking over me. She forced me - to force myself to eat. Oh no.. I wish I could do that. Dies anyone has suggestion how to call upon my appetite?

The holiday

Yeah.. we've been to hard rock hotel again last week and it was awesome!!! A total rest for me.. I turn out to e healthy, no headaches, no backpain.. and guess what.. I can eat all three meal of the day!!!! Yippie.. (so kesimpulannya, abang, jom la pi lagi) And I got to meet Ito there too, so sweet of her to bring me cupcakes!! HRH will be in another entry, insyallah.

well, hope I am ok today - even tho still having this headache