Tuesday, June 8, 2010

house renovation 4

Yup, major works was done. And it now came to interior stuffs. Some of the earliest work - curtain rails, flooring, and wardrobe.

The laminated flooring, I used Inovafloor. Its a Malaysian product that has received some awards. The lamination is made of Malaysian timber, so it suit our climate. Compared to other brand, this brand offers lifetime warranty for anti-termite. You can browse the link, of what it offers but most of all, it is very comfortable for kids, and my favorite of all, it saved my glasses!! Hahaha.. the other day, Zahraa threw a glass and it does not broke into pieces.. phewwww.. and it saved my handphone too :P

Zahraa's wardrobe. The contractor told me they seldom use this colour. Most people chose brown. But I insist of using this color. In the end I am quite satisfied and suprise it looks quite good even we didnt paint our walls.

The curtain rod, our masterbedroom wardrobe and pendant light seems to match in a whole. Phew.. thats just luck :P

Friday, June 4, 2010

house renovation 3a

The best part!! My favorite of all is the mosaic tiles!!! We have searching and looking around for this, a last minute disicion.. we've been looking to get good price, nice tiles.. and here it is.. in favourite colour!!!

house renovation 3

After the new walls was up, it is time for tiling!! Yeay!! Tiling works delayed a bit, because those tiling I ordered delayed shipment. I used guocera, sent all the way from Johor. New tiles are for kitchen and yard area only. I dont have much difficulties in choosing tiles, as I chose all white!! Just a lil hiccup because what I want is out of stock and I want it quick. I just make do with whatever nice in the end.

The new location of main entrance

I am quite satisfied with the outcome.. err.. maybe 20% not happy.. but close one eye la... i'll make it look nice :P
The feature tile.

Yard area has been extended. Yet to be tiled..

Area to be be install with cabinets are left empty. Cost saving.

zahraa's acting weird

2 dyas ago Zahraa's teacher told me that she is acting weird.. I asked, weird how? She said Zahraa wont join her friends, wont hold hands, wont play together, wont play and dance around and does not participate in activities. She just lie at one side and just observe. I thought she's having stomach upset, but Cikgu Wani said no, as she was like that since a week ago. I was quite suprised. She was attentive and active before this. Is this a 'getting adik' syndrome, or just a phase she is exploring herself? I was quite worry, but Zahrein told me, maybe that is normal, that she is having phases of growing up.

I hope so.. I tried not to worry, and avoid any stress on myself.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

House renovation 2

I could say that the renovation work progress is quite fast, they just paused a while because my unit havent got water supply. But after 3 days, they continue building new walls (I wonder whose water they were using, thanks tho).

Main door frame built.

New wall at the kitchen

New wall at yard area.
The sink I bought. I wanted double bowl.. but not of the same size.. there are deeper sink though. But mid size deep is enough for me. I dindt spend much time hunting stuffs here and there.. just bought them whenever i found the one I like and within our budget.

House renovation 1

First of all, let me show the layout .. I did not do any major renovation, just some at kitchen and yard area.As you can see, the kitchen is very very very small.. so we had to make some reno to the kitchen area.
As you can see.. the original kitchen is very small. So we make it bigger. and then dah alang2 buat, we renovate the yard area too.

We moved the main door location as well, to give more internal space, rather than entree lounge.

Rompong sudah rumahku kena tebuk

Our renovation involved into a few sections:

1. Renovation - thats the hacking works, relocation of plumbing works, installing new brick walls, installing grille at entrance, kitchen and yard area, drying area, tiling job and wiring.
2. Interior - built in furniture such as kitchen cabinet, wardrobe at master bedroom and wardrobe at Zahraa's room. We also did vanity cabinet in the bathroom.

We bought these stuff on our won:
1. Kitchen sink and tap
2. Glass mosaic for kitchen wall
3. Floor and wall tiles
4. Wash basin and tap for bathroom

We also did laminated flooring for the whole house, except for kitchen and dry area.

bye bye kancil

This is late.. actually we have said goddbye to our kancil a month ago. huhuhuu.. it has been a great car for me since I have been working in Cityscape Architect. But we have to let it go so we could get a new car.. The day i sent to the shop, I didnt feel any awkward.. but 4 days after that, we saw it in a second hand car shop and my heart dropped.. heheh baru terasa terharu.. and guess what.. it has gone now.. it has its new master. It not a pretty car, and I dont really put a lot make up on her during our relationship.. but is served great... bye PFJ1316.
And here's the new addition to our family.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lets pray for them

Ya Allah.. sebagaimana Engkau pernah menghantar burung ababil menghancurkan tentera bergajah musyrikin, makan kami memohon kepadamu Ya Allah, turunkanlah bantuanMu kali ini kepada orang Islam di Palestin, hancurkanlah rejim zionis Yahudi sedahsyatnya.. Amin....

Please do spread.

blogging again

Wow.. lamanya tak blogging.. I forget the excitement of it. Always the same lame excuse, busy, busy, busy. And actually I have a lot of things to blog about.

1. The new home - yes. we have moved!!!! bye bye Desa bukit Jambul.. Its been great 3 years there, and we are now venturing into our new adventure of life in our home. We were among the earliest resident to moved in. I think there are only 5 houses been occupied at the moment. Even though the whole building is still untidy and renovations a re going here and there, I quite like it. being the only tenants there, it felt very peaceful. I never moved before, born and raised at the same house. When I moved into our rented home after marriage, all I got was a box of stuffs and a bag of clothes. So now I really experienced moving.. as people said, it was a lot of work and every very tiring, but at the same time, it was very exciting and I am very happy!!! Thanks to my husband, he did most of the work, as I cant help much to lift up things and all. I had helped from bibik Lily to clean the new home. We are now waiting for the kitchen cabinet, tv cabinet and toilet vanity to be complete to get the house complete and running!!!

2. Being almost 5 months, there are a lot of things I have to start planning. Saving money is one of the most highlighted item as we have spent a lot for the house. I have started to have pain here and there, and felt that there is no more energy to chase Zahraa around. I have to decide where to give birth, looking for names ( I have no idea at all for now) , planning for confinement, planning for baby stuffs, and many more. and suddenly a new obsession came thru!!! A wrap as a baby carrier.. I never ever had interest in wraps before. But after meeting Adriana the other day, I saw that it wasnt that difficult at all, and yet it seems to be quite convenient. And there goes new hobby of mine - drooling for wraps!! Suddenly I felt like being pregnant is so exciting again. (well, of course with the help of no nausea phase)

3. I am into eating now. For the last months I have lost almost 8 kgs.. and has gotten into skinny mode. But now, I have started to have appetite and want to eat all the time. One of the things that I always wanted to is Durian!! Its not the season yet, but there were some in Penang. And I managed to get hold of some duku the other day.

4. Work - has been crazy these days. But wahtever.. sorry work.. I have no obsession for you now, nor I am in the mood of being the best employer.