Thursday, June 3, 2010

bye bye kancil

This is late.. actually we have said goddbye to our kancil a month ago. huhuhuu.. it has been a great car for me since I have been working in Cityscape Architect. But we have to let it go so we could get a new car.. The day i sent to the shop, I didnt feel any awkward.. but 4 days after that, we saw it in a second hand car shop and my heart dropped.. heheh baru terasa terharu.. and guess what.. it has gone now.. it has its new master. It not a pretty car, and I dont really put a lot make up on her during our relationship.. but is served great... bye PFJ1316.
And here's the new addition to our family.

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Drama Mama said...

wahhh keta baru! cantikknyaaa! i loike