Thursday, June 3, 2010

House renovation 1

First of all, let me show the layout .. I did not do any major renovation, just some at kitchen and yard area.As you can see, the kitchen is very very very small.. so we had to make some reno to the kitchen area.
As you can see.. the original kitchen is very small. So we make it bigger. and then dah alang2 buat, we renovate the yard area too.

We moved the main door location as well, to give more internal space, rather than entree lounge.

Rompong sudah rumahku kena tebuk

Our renovation involved into a few sections:

1. Renovation - thats the hacking works, relocation of plumbing works, installing new brick walls, installing grille at entrance, kitchen and yard area, drying area, tiling job and wiring.
2. Interior - built in furniture such as kitchen cabinet, wardrobe at master bedroom and wardrobe at Zahraa's room. We also did vanity cabinet in the bathroom.

We bought these stuff on our won:
1. Kitchen sink and tap
2. Glass mosaic for kitchen wall
3. Floor and wall tiles
4. Wash basin and tap for bathroom

We also did laminated flooring for the whole house, except for kitchen and dry area.


Drama Mama said...

wahhh extensive reno la gak nih compared ngn kitorang. masuk2 pasang grill ja, tu pun tak semua. huhuhu

eh zura, korang kena ambik contractor dalam ka dapat ambik ur own contractor?

tak sabar nak tengok gambar dah siap!

ZOORA said...

kontraktor untuk pecah2, wall baru, pluming, electric je dlm. yang lain sendiri