Friday, June 4, 2010

house renovation 3

After the new walls was up, it is time for tiling!! Yeay!! Tiling works delayed a bit, because those tiling I ordered delayed shipment. I used guocera, sent all the way from Johor. New tiles are for kitchen and yard area only. I dont have much difficulties in choosing tiles, as I chose all white!! Just a lil hiccup because what I want is out of stock and I want it quick. I just make do with whatever nice in the end.

The new location of main entrance

I am quite satisfied with the outcome.. err.. maybe 20% not happy.. but close one eye la... i'll make it look nice :P
The feature tile.

Yard area has been extended. Yet to be tiled..

Area to be be install with cabinets are left empty. Cost saving.


kayla said...

syok nye reno rumah :) so dah ada concept for interior?

ZOORA said...

err.. dah siap reno - concept.. as mye kata.. concept surau.. hahah :D less furniture-nak bagi as luas as can be