Friday, June 4, 2010

zahraa's acting weird

2 dyas ago Zahraa's teacher told me that she is acting weird.. I asked, weird how? She said Zahraa wont join her friends, wont hold hands, wont play together, wont play and dance around and does not participate in activities. She just lie at one side and just observe. I thought she's having stomach upset, but Cikgu Wani said no, as she was like that since a week ago. I was quite suprised. She was attentive and active before this. Is this a 'getting adik' syndrome, or just a phase she is exploring herself? I was quite worry, but Zahrein told me, maybe that is normal, that she is having phases of growing up.

I hope so.. I tried not to worry, and avoid any stress on myself.


- rzmie - said...

tak pe. tak yah pening-pening. Danial pun dulu behave macam tu juga. Sekarang ni dia pula yang nak berkawan. Irfan sekarang ni lagi la. Petang-petang jenuh ajak balik dari nursery. Tak nak keluar pun dari kelas dia.

ZOORA said...

dulu zahraa mcm tu la.. tak nak balik. suka main n join.. hmm ni dah takmcm tu pulka.
ye la..hope nanti2 ok . thanks