Monday, August 30, 2010

miss you, mak

I was at the musolla just now-for Zuhur when i saw Kak Zu, in read baju kurung and matching tudung. She really reminds me of my late mother. My mother dresses just like bright colours, matching tudung and shoes, and nice handbag by her arms, and an umbrella by the other hands. Red, orange, yellow and glaring green are her colours. She'll always dresses up nicely, she even was called 'datin' by her officemates. She always condemn how i dress, and those tudung i wear - wanted me to as pretty as her all the time. She took my sister to a boutique and let her try all the baju kurung, she waiting outside the fitting room, giving out comments. My mother would never wear, never a tudung that does not fit or match the baju kurung she is wearing. She's always wears a baju kurung, or kebaya or kurung moden. I remembered she tried to wear pants and skirts, but it lasted only for 3 months, then she passed away. Her dresses are still in her wardrobe, all kept by my dad before my dad pass away too. And he arranged her shoes all nicely underneath those dresses.

I wonder if she is still here today. I am so lousy in dressing up-wearing the same thing over and over again lately (as i have only few choice that could fit me now) I even would wear un match tudung - Yani called it decons - yearright.. alasan. I could guess if my mom is here I'll have hours of blabs form her - I knew what she would say - pakai macam orang tua, colour tak ceria langsung, spec ni - beli la yang ada fashion sket.. and so on and so forth.. hahahah I think that would be funny - my housewife sister dresses nicer than I did.. :P In other way, I'd like to know what would it be like if she is still here. I know she always wants the best for her daughter. And my guess is, she is gonna spend all her way dressing up Zahraa.

I miss mak.. Ramadhan always reminds me of her. her pudding, her cendol and teh tarik. She's a working mother so she doesnt make kuih everyday. But once in a while her rainbow pudding rocks! And bubur pulut hitam too. Those are my favorite.

Now I am 'the mak'. Having a family on my own. Now I make puddings for my family, and I made the teh tarik for my husband - just like my mom made for my dad. Simply, she's there in my heart, in my heart everyday.

It has been 11 years mak.. May Allah bless you, and till we meet again...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

crazy over this

So pretty .........

baby is coming!

I have the urgency to prepare baby stuffs.. Havent buy many things yet-couldnt find time. For now, all I could do is to gather Zahraa's old stuffs.. but while doing so - ye la. sibuk je kakak ni kan..

Zahra's diaper stash - pass on??

Nak tolong lipat la konon.. end up she wants to wear this stuffs.. dulu masa baby tak nak pakai topi ngan bib.. ni sibuk pulak

mummy wannabe

She always play with my tudung, my office tag, my bags.. and my other stuffs.And yes.. she wants an apron too..Looks like kena tempah kat Auntie Neeza la nanti.. boleh ya Auntie?? :D

Friday, August 13, 2010

baju kelawar

Nowadays, baju kelawar is a must to mostly malay women-well, mostly most that I knew. Its just like kain batik in the olden days. To me, its one of the most comfort wear ever!! Night time, or day time. So I got one for Zahraa.. i bought her a smaller ones, so she wont trip on the dress.. Here's her fist baju kelawar experience.

2 months to go!

Since I got pregnant, I am eager to breastfeed again, and of course to breastfeed again. For the second time around, I'd like to do everything better, avoid mistakes I made (if I ever did) and enjoy every single moment of the journey. Most of all- I want to breast feed longer... I made a mistake at Zahraa's time-letting her taking the league on the bf journey.. I should have more control to it. Insyallah, I hope to BF longer, selagi yg diizinkan Allah.

And of course baby wearing!!!!!!!!! yeay... I am excite to BW again.. dah lama rasanya tak carry Zahraa. I want to be more open up this time around - trying other carriers as well..

For that- I already got hang on to wrap! As a preparation for the nb! And got another wrap as a present form a best friend. A TOTALLY gorgeous warp-love it so much

So here they are! Of course tak de action pic ya dear all.. susah la perut dah besar..

First one is Storch Ulli - bought a returned item at a bargain price.. they are pretty, and very supportive.. look at Zahraa in it.. But they are not break in yet.. need help to break that! For now its quite thicky..

And the second one - Exclusive Girasol Donau.. Thanks a million mye.. bagai kera mendapat bunga aku - got something so nice but still cant use it by now.. so it's Zahraa's blanket for the time being. This one seems easier to break in, it seems softer now-got seconds from Zana, a Malaysian BW mother in Japan.

Hope these wraps would be useful for the coming little one.. mummy cant wait to see you :D

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I have been reading reviews, and consulting friends, and stalking blogs on breastpumps. The most would say Medela Freestyle had helped a lot of mothers in their breastfeeding journey. I really wanted something worth it, as I wanted better BF journey now, compared to those times with Zahraa.

At last - out of all those options.. I did bought Medela Freestyle at last, thanks to Hafiz-Zahrein's friend who's willing to take them back from US for me. Medela Freestyle is totally an expensive gadget.. mmg scary nak beli-takut dengar harganya. But alhamdulillah.. ada rezeki to get it cheaper. I bought it from Feel free to hop.

Baby stuffs

I jsut started looking into baby stuffs last week.. looking at list some mommies made in their blog. Thanks to them.. I dont have to crack my head and redo those.. I went shopping at The Curve last week and realized, how long I've not been peeking at baby stuff. I forgot how expensive some of them could be.

At last - with the time I had- thanks to mak who's been watching over Zahraa, I bought:

1. Nursing bra - 2 je?
2. Fab mom Tummy Tube
3. Swaddle blanket
4. Baby receiving blanket - cant resist the purple colourway set - tak kisah la baby laki ke pompuan-i'm gonna sumbat you in this purple stuffs.. heheheh
5. Storage milk bags - with double lock zipper
6. Waterproof changing mat with cover
7. Bumblebee milk storage bottles - 1 box, free 2 bottles

Ha? tu je? Lorr.. I thought I shop quite a lot.. :P
Seems like I need another shopping trip

1st ramadhan

Alhamdulillah.. this year we are able to meet Ramadhan again. And my Ramadhan this year is more challenging being 7 months pregnant. When I was pregnant with Zahraa, I was just 4 months during Ramadhan.. so it was easy to me that time.. with the fact that I cant eat anything suring those months. But now.. with the very active kicking baby, frequent braxton hicks I am hoping and praying that I could survive fasting for the whole month. Hope Allah give me the strength.

I'm glad I could get up for sahur easily today-thanks to early sleep time :D. Office starts earlier during Ramadhan. Hmm and for now - of course I'm hungry.. i started to feel a bit dizzy. And tired.. have to slow down..

Selamat menjalani ibadah kepada semua. Semoga Ramadhan ini kita dapat mencurik perhatian Allah, dan diberikan rahmat serta barakah nya. insyallah