Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baby stuffs

I jsut started looking into baby stuffs last week.. looking at list some mommies made in their blog. Thanks to them.. I dont have to crack my head and redo those.. I went shopping at The Curve last week and realized, how long I've not been peeking at baby stuff. I forgot how expensive some of them could be.

At last - with the time I had- thanks to mak who's been watching over Zahraa, I bought:

1. Nursing bra - 2 je?
2. Fab mom Tummy Tube
3. Swaddle blanket
4. Baby receiving blanket - cant resist the purple colourway set - tak kisah la baby laki ke pompuan-i'm gonna sumbat you in this purple stuffs.. heheheh
5. Storage milk bags - with double lock zipper
6. Waterproof changing mat with cover
7. Bumblebee milk storage bottles - 1 box, free 2 bottles

Ha? tu je? Lorr.. I thought I shop quite a lot.. :P
Seems like I need another shopping trip

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