Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I have been reading reviews, and consulting friends, and stalking blogs on breastpumps. The most would say Medela Freestyle had helped a lot of mothers in their breastfeeding journey. I really wanted something worth it, as I wanted better BF journey now, compared to those times with Zahraa.

At last - out of all those options.. I did bought Medela Freestyle at last, thanks to Hafiz-Zahrein's friend who's willing to take them back from US for me. Medela Freestyle is totally an expensive gadget.. mmg scary nak beli-takut dengar harganya. But alhamdulillah.. ada rezeki to get it cheaper. I bought it from Feel free to hop.


CuppyCakeMommy said...

for my future 2nd baby..i must say this bp is a must buy

ZOORA said...

yeah.. i relaly hope its worth it.. hope it will help me.. how it did help other mothers. and thanks to all la.. korang2 nyer review ni la. buat i confident beli :D