Monday, September 6, 2010

i am 33 weeks

No one is interested to snap my picture.. (yes, there goes to you My Hubby) of being pregnant. Who knows whether I might got pregnant again or not rite? There were outing picture we took, but those really doesnt show my belly (or my belly isnt really showing that much-shud the camera be blamed? heh) So I decided to snap a pic of myself.. reminding me how did I look like carrying baby No 2. :D

Ini ialah baju raya tahun lepas, and this is me in it-32 weeks and counting down....

near to everywhere?

Yup, we dont have a nice country height surrounding. I dont have a hill view too. I have no land to plant trees, yet let my child play in the yard.

But what we do have is a place close to every where!!!

These are taken from the lift lobby of our place.. These are roof top of Sri Malaysia Hotel. To the left is Masjid Bayan Baru-couldnt get that angle tho.

Can you see the blue roofed building, yellow painted? That Hospital Pantai, I will deliver there insyallah.

And that green roofed building? Thats Giant Hypermarket of course.

I'll snap some pics of the opposite direction later (where my office and Zahraa's nursery are) :D

For some people a nice environment is priority of an asset..but in our case, convenience comes first. Maybe we'll find some nicer place for retirement later.. hehe -maybe.