Monday, September 6, 2010

near to everywhere?

Yup, we dont have a nice country height surrounding. I dont have a hill view too. I have no land to plant trees, yet let my child play in the yard.

But what we do have is a place close to every where!!!

These are taken from the lift lobby of our place.. These are roof top of Sri Malaysia Hotel. To the left is Masjid Bayan Baru-couldnt get that angle tho.

Can you see the blue roofed building, yellow painted? That Hospital Pantai, I will deliver there insyallah.

And that green roofed building? Thats Giant Hypermarket of course.

I'll snap some pics of the opposite direction later (where my office and Zahraa's nursery are) :D

For some people a nice environment is priority of an asset..but in our case, convenience comes first. Maybe we'll find some nicer place for retirement later.. hehe -maybe.


Hanim said...

hehe... so familiar :) Tapi tempat yg pernah pegi: Pantai Hospital haha

Cik Jatt said...

hi zura. u stay in penang right. just found ur blog. nice:) i follow k

by the way, actually i tgh survey nursery for my kids. boleh i tau u hantar kat mana. susah betul nak cari nursery area penang nih. thanks!

ZOORA said...

salam Jatt. thanks for visiting and following. i work in pdc.. and we have nursery.. so anak hantar kat situ je. bwk pergi ofis. rasanya ada byk jugak nursery around this area. some yg ada tadika tu ada daycare jugak. yg kat taman tunas muda ada 2- Alina bintang hati, dgn satu lagi apa ek, ceria kot. yg tu dari baby lagi pun diroang ambik.

ZOORA said...

oh ya, Jatt, kat bayan baru pun ada.. opposite sri sayang